Red X Mission: Hurricane Charley

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Red X: Hurricane Charley
Hurricane charley.jpg
Dates run: August 15, 2004
Run By: Alan
Read the logs: Red X: Hurricane Charley

"Most people don't have to worry about dealing with situations like the one they died in."

Another hurricane in Florida brings out the Red X volunteers, plus some of the X-Men.


Nathan Dayspring, Cecilia Reyes, Jamie Madrox, Clarice Ferguson, Theresa Cassidy, Rahne Sinclair, Paige Guthrie


August 15, 2004

Plot Summary

When Hurricane Charley made landfall in Florida, an open volunteer call was made for Red X and others to go and assist in cleanup.

Jamie, attempting to address the issues of a year ago, offered his help in search and rescue. He was a lot more twitchy than he'd expected, but luckily Paige was there with him to talk him down.

For her part, newcomer Cecilia Reyes found herself making sure Nathan didn't over-extend himself, as he was wont to do. She was marginally more successful than some.

Several students remained at the site for several days, aiding in the cleanup.

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Jamie began recovering from the trauma of his 'death' in 2003 as a result of this mission.

This was Cecilia's first experience of the X-Men in action.


Plotrunner: Alan

This plot was the last official Red X mission until The Rictor Effect in July 2006.