Red X Mission: Plattsburgh

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Red X: Plattsburgh
Dates run: March 11, 2004
Run By: Bonnie and Ande
Read the logs: Red-X Mission: Plattsburgh

"I need blankets, there's someone else off the roof I need to bring down."

Called into help at a fire in Plattsburgh, New York, the Red X/X-Men combined team aided the rescue of residents from their burning apartment building.


Wolverine, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Jamie Madrox


March 11, 2004

Plot Summary

Summoned to help with a major fire in an apartment block in New York, members of Red X and the X-Men worked to evacuate residents and provide them with basic first aid and support.

Told of a disabled boy trapped on the third floor, Wolverine went into the burning building, managing to get the boy to the roof but sustaining serious burns in the process. Rogue and Kurt ferried several residents down from the roof, before rescuing Logan. Fortunately, his healing factor meant there was no long-term damage.

Jamie, working with the Red Cross, used his mutation to provide extra hands to assist the evacuees.

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Trivia and Meta


During the rescue, Rogue endured a running commentary of the various people in her head as a result of her powers.

Jamie once again proved how useful his power was in Red X missions.


Plotrunner: Bonnie and Ande

This plot was run by two previous players of the game.