Resurrection Man

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Resurrection Man
Dates run: March 18, 2008
Run By: Tapestry
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Rolling over Jim was everything that was Eric Patrick Wilson, aged 14, only child of Robert and Melissa Wilson. As darkness began to close the telepath simply remained beside him, holding his hand.

Waiting for the end.

A potential student pick up becomes disturbing as it's revealed the boy's powers have gone severely out of control.


David Haller, Ororo Munroe, Forge, Beast Boy, Gidget

Eric Wilson - newly manifested mutant; Robert and Melissa Wilson, Eric's parents; Charles Xavier.


March 18, 2008

Plot Summary

Charles pinpointed a newly manifested mutant in Kansas who was throwing off some rather strange psi-signatures. He called the boy's house, and from the tenor of his conversation with the kid's parents he got the sense that it'd probably be best to get the kid removed. In hopes of defusing the situation, he sent Ororo and Haller to talk the parents around, Forge to check out the unusual energy spikes to make sure there was no detrimental affect on the environment or the family, and two trainees.

Upon reaching the farm, which was small but fairly diversified, they realized things were amiss. For a start, the farm animals started attacking. So did the birds. And the fieldmice. And pretty much every other creature in a half-mile radius. It was quickly discovered that this was now a Farm of the Undead, and wackiness ensued. Until they found what was left of the family, anyway.

It turned out that after Charles' phonecall the mutant's family -- already abusive towards their son -- turned on him to administer another of the regular punishments, and in doing so elicited a full-scale manifestation. The resulting wave of energy killed every living thing within half a mile and critically damaged the mutant's body. However, due to the nature of his power the killing blast left the corpses permeated with a sort of psychic residue, reanimating them and imprinting them with the emotions the mutant himself had last experienced: terror and pain. By the time he was located, there was nothing to do but let the already-dying kid go gently -- he was terminal, a victim of a horrible life, but he didn't die alone.

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Resurrection Man

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After this mission, both Kyle and Forge were promoted to full X-Men.


Plotrunner: Tapestry