Robert Gordon MacDonald

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Robert Gordon McDonald
Portrayed by William Shatner
Known Aliases: Mutie Bob
Affiliations: Department H
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: April 30, 2007

MacDonald is a long serving and successful Canadian politician, who has served in both Liberal and Conservative cabinets in the same position for over sixteen years. Mostly considered by the media to be a bumbling Anglo politician with good connections, MacDonald is still Canada’s leading voice on mutant affairs.


Name: Robert Gordon MacDonald

Aliases: Mutie Bob

Occupation: Under Minister of Defense (Special Projects), Independent MP representing Westmont-Ville-Marie.

First appearance: April 30, 2007

Family: Audrey MacDonald (wife), Kimberly MacDonald (daughter – deceased)


The Hon. Robert Gordon MacDonald is the Under Minister of Defense (Special Projects) for the Canadian government. He has been a member of Parliament for over 22 years, and has held his current position for over sixteen years. Elected originally from the riding of St Henri–Westmont, and now representing Westmont-Ville-Marie, MacDonald began his career as a Progressive Conservative. However, in 1993, he officially changed to an Independent and has run as such ever since. He is currently the longest serving Independent member of the House in Canadian history. No one knows why he continues to hold on to his Minister status, but five successive Canadian Prime Ministers have asked him to retain his position.

While MacDonald acts and seems like the typical bumbling Anglo-Montreal politician, he’s actually an extremely sharp political operator. He has bartered his support on many other issues into votes for his passion: mutant affairs. MacDonald has been effected by two major mutant power emergences. The first was during a tour of the James Bay hydroelectric program, where local native groups introduced him to a teenager of their tribe that could sense metals by types around him. The teen was worth millions to any mining corporation. The second was his daughter, who manifested at the age of seven and immediately choked to death in the newly inhospitable oxygen environment. He sees mutants as a new future for Canada, one in which twenty men could replace the power of five hundred tanks. Where the vast sweep of land is monitored by men who can sense the presence of living creatures for a hundred miles around in the blink of an eye. Most importantly, where a parent doesn’t have to lose a child with that sudden cruelty.

Phase 1

If the Alpha Flight program is successful, he will push for the creation of a new Ministry of Mutant Affairs and begin to push for initiatives by all elements of government and industry to push for the first post-human designed economy.

Phase 2


None. Unlike most Canadian politicians, due to MacDonald’s ministry position, he has a full time RCMP guard.


Phase 1

Red X Mission: Whistler

Red X Mission: Shake Hands With The Devil

Home and Native Land

Phase 2


PB: William Shatner

Socked by: Dex

Like all Alpha Flight and associated NPCs, MacDonald’s playerbase is a Canadian actor.