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This character is currently unplayed, but is open for applications. If you are interested in applying for this character, you can contact the mods at x_moderators @ googlegroups . com and you can find the application form here.

Roxanne Washington
Portrayed by Logan Browning
Codename: Bling!
Birthdate: 24 January 1998
Journal: xp_bling
Player: Available for Applications

Daddy Libido and Sexy Mutha must be so disappointed that they can’t go all out for their little girl. Not since she went all mutant on them...

Daughter of "hip-hop royalty", Roxy's public manifestation resulted in her having to come to Xavier's for her own safety. She was removed by her parents after six months due to the mansion's tendency to attract trouble.


Character Journal: xp_bling

Real Name: Roxanne Lavender Washington

Codename: Bling!

Aliases: Adele Webber

First Appearance: January 24, 2015

Date of Birth: 24 January 1998

Place of Birth: Los Angeles, California

Citizenship: American

Relatives: Roy “Daddy Libido” Washington (father), Angel “Sexy Mutha” Depres (mother), Andre Washington (brother, 14)

Education: junior in high school

Relationship Status: single

Occupation: student

Team Affiliation: Generation X



Roxy was born in to what the media called ‘hip hop royalty,’ the eldest daughter of Roy Washington and Angel Depres, both worldwide superstars at the time of Roxy’s birth. Both Roy and Angel rose to stardom from humble beginnings and shared the mindset that their children would not be ‘spoiled’ by money or raised by proxies, always promoting hard work, education, and discipline within their family. Her parents organized touring schedules so that at least one of them would always be home with Roxy and Andre. One of them made it to every one of her concerts and her brother’s sports games, checked homework each night, and made Roxy and her brother earn an allowance by doing house and yard work each week in whichever of their six houses they were staying in at the time.

Her parents were extremely successful due to their business savvy, talent, and their involvement with local and national causes. Their popularity and relevance only grew throughout their daughter’s childhood, which meant suffering the paparazzi and all the downsides that went along with them. Due to the Washingtons’ desire to have their toddler daughter appear in music videos, making her very visible, there were a handful of kidnapping threats which warranted a series of bodyguards and an increasing amount of security measures as Roxy grew up. Despite the threats, however, Roxy attended a preparatory school as a day student rather than boarding school and went to music and dance lessons locally due to her parents’ strong desire for her to have a grounded upbringing and be connected with the community.

While the paparazzi and gossip magazines liked to pigeonhole the music of Roxy’s parents as being ‘hip hop’, the longevity of their respective careers was in part due to the fact that they loved to read and were interested in all types of music, constantly using influences from other genres and time periods to reinvent their own sound, testing and expanding boundaries to always remain fresh and exciting on radio airwaves. Her father, one of the world’s most notorious rap artists, loved Shakespeare and poetry, country and opera and old Rat Pack recordings, while her mother, the queen of the booty shake, was a huge fan of Tolkien and Gaiman, of the ballet and symphonies and Broadway and old spirituals. As such, Roxy was exposed to all sorts of music and theatre experiences as a child and loved all of it. She began piano and ballet lessons at four, vocal lessons at seven, and her father began teaching her guitar at age nine.

Encouraging but not overbearing, Roxy’s parents never pushed their daughter to pursue a career in music or the performing arts, but Roxy became obsessed from a young age with the piano and with dance and would forgo sleep and food to practice. By her early teens Roxy realized she didn’t want to pursue ballet dancing as a future career but she continued to study the art for exercise while branching out to other forms of dance, taking drama classes as well with an eye to one day make it to Broadway.

At fourteen she began writing songs and her father’s label offered her a recording contract at fifteen. However, her parents would regularly have long conversations with her about the importance of education and not rushing fame and fortune, and Roxy respected their knowledge and input and stayed in school, though her parents did allow her to relocate to New York so she could attend courses with Juilliard’s pre-college division in drama on Saturdays. She made close friends at Juilliard and at her prep school and was influenced by social outings such as attending football and basketball games, joining the cheerleading squad, and attending house parties on weekends.

Summers were spent travelling with her family around the world, following her parents on legs of their tours and exploring libraries, castles, cathedrals, and sporting events throughout the globe. She also watched countless performances and music festivals around the world, all of which helped to influence Roxy’s life and shape who she is as a person.

Since her early teen years Roxy knew she was attracted to ladies and due to her parents’ public support of gay marriage she had no problem telling them she was a lesbian and no surprises when they reacted with encouragement and love. After a discussion it was decided that they would not tell the media but not do anything to hide it or pretend Roxy was straight, either. Though the paparazzi liked to speculate about the fact that she wasn’t seen attending parties on the arms of any guys, Roxy was solely interested in music and her future career and didn’t have much of a life when it came to dating, so there wasn’t much fodder for the media on that front.

By the time she was sixteen, Roxy was looking ahead to attending Juilliard full time for college and the biggest obstacle in her life was the decision of whether to pursue a career on Broadway or a career as a songwriter. Her career plans would derail, however, when she manifested shortly before her seventeenth birthday, in the winter of 2014. While leaving a holiday party the paparazzi got especially tenacious in their pursuit of Roxy, attempting to question her on whether the story told by other patrons about her dancing with a female meant she was gay. After repeated rebuffings, Roxy lost her temper and went to shove her way clear of the cameras when needle-sized shards of diamonds shot from her body, injuring several of the crowd.

Living At The X-Mansion

With the help of Doug Ramsey planting a false trail for the media, Roxy was brought to the Xavier mansion and put into a suite with Tabitha Smith. Shortly after moving in, she was paired up with roommate Monet St. Croix and the two became fast friends. Roxy initially expressed disinterest at the idea of being a mandatory part of Generation X as she possesses no interest in 'superhero training', but respected the fact that the group was meant to help her with control over her powers, something she desperately needed. One of Gen X's mentors, Angelica Jones, became a powers mentor to Roxy due to their similar control issues when newly manifested. With Angel's help, Roxy became able to stop herself from involuntarily shooting diamonds at people by the end of March and was thus able to begin attending classes at the Bayville Charter High with the help of an image inducer and the alias Adele Webber.

In July 2015, following an incident during which the students witnessed the NYPD beating up a mutant in District X, Roxy announced that her parents were sending her to school in Europe, fearing for her safety.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 120lbs

Eyes: brown

Hair: brown

Other Features: pierced ears


Roxy’s bone marrow can produce diamond shards of varying size and quality and these can be used as projectiles or to make her skin into diamond, which gives her superhuman durability.

Currently, Roxy is only able to armour parts of her body and it is an unconscious, reactive defensive mechanism.

She can also produce diamond shards and expel them from her body, but with no control over the size or frequency with which she does this.


Roxy is rarely ever without her guitar


  • Roxy is a gifted classical pianist
  • Roxy is a trained ballet dancer, though by no means gifted at it
  • Roxy plays guitar
  • Roxy's vocal range spans contralto through soprano with a top note of EFlat6 but her range sits comfortably between F3 and A5 without daily vocal training.
  • Roxy owns two cats, Rachmaninoff Eminem Coltrane McPurrface (Rocky for short) and Aretha Dolly Ella Yowlface (Adey)

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Player Icon Base: Logan Browning

Meta Trivia

Mon introduced Roxy as a Phase 2 character in January 2015 and played her until July 2015.