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Dates run: September 11-13, 2009
Run By: Kat
Read the logs: Rush

It didn't even seem as if he'd shoved the older man all that hard, but Darren's feet hit left the floor with the force of it. He crashed against the far wall hard enough to leave cracks where his head, shoulders, and hips impacted. The entire room stood frozen for a moment as Darren, staggered away from the wall, groping blindly before he collapsed. A large, red stain was smeared across the paint where the back of his head had hit the wall.

A family reunion is much more complicated than planned.


Johnny Gallo, Victor Borkowski, Jean-Paul Beaubier

Darren Gallo, Aubrey Gilmore, Ritchie Gilmore, Eddie McDonough, Unnamed Dealer


September 11-13, 2009

Plot Summary

Considering his father had made it quite clear he didn't want anything more to do with his mutant son, Johnny Gallo was quite surprised when his father called and made overtures to resolve things. An invitation to come home and visit was issued, but Johnny was suspicious. His roommate, Victor, offered to go with him.

While they were in New York, they received an invitation to have dinner at Darren's new girlfriend's home. It seemed it had been Audrey's influence that had prompted Darren to reach out to his son. Audrey's son Ritchie, however, wasn't pleased with things at all, and an argument broke out, exacerbated by the Kick-laced steriods Ritchie had been taking for his body building sessions. A latent mutant, the Kick brought on Ritchie's super-strength and he seriously injured Darren by shoving him into a wall before fleeing.

Vic and Johnny pursued him, despite the police being called, and wound up fighting for their lives before being able to subdue the enraged older teen. The police arrested him and the two Xavier's students were taken to the hospital where Darren apologised to his son for his behaviour and they began the first steps towards reconcilation.

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Jean-Paul punished the two boys for their recklessness by assigning them tactical review studies.

A week after these events, Johnny returned home to help care for his father. Vic also went home at the same time, to care for his sick mother.


Plotrunner: Kat

This plot was based loosely on the Song Title meme entry '21 and Invincible'.