Samie Kander

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Samie Kander
Portrayed by Gul Kirat Panag
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Elpis
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Kashmir Waltz

Samie met Nathan Dayspring and Angelo Espinosa in Kashmir on one of their first humanitarian trips, where she served as their translator.


Name: Samie Kander

Aliases: None

Occupation: Student

First appearance: Kashmir Waltz

Family: Names unknown, although her father is British and her mother is Kashmiri.


Samie was heading to Sonamarg to join a trek to Ladakh and enjoy her time at home in Kashmir prior to leaving for school in England when she met Nathan and Angelo, who were in dire need of a translator as they investigated the suspicious activities of a local NGO. Nathan hired her, promising to pay for a spot on an organized trip for her and give her a ride to Sonamarg. She agreed eagerly and accompanied them for the next two days. She and Angelo became quite close in such a short time, and kept in touch via emails and the occasional phone call.

When Angelo was in Moscow for a conference in January 2007, she was there for a brief vacation on her way home to Kashmir and ran into him entirely by accident. She spent the night in his hotel room and the next morning, wound up in the middle of the hostage situation masterminded by Ilyas Saidullayev. Samie proved to have a level head even in the middle of a life-and-death situation, even helping Angelo fight their way out of the hotel. She returned home to Kashmir after the situation was resolved, but promised to continue keeping in touch with Angelo. She has expressed interest in Elpis and the work that the organization does, but needs to finish school before making any career choices.




Kashmir Waltz

Epiphany Frosts


PB: Gul Kirat Panag

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Formerly socked by Alicia