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Dates run: May 27-31, 2006
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Sanctuary

I bought a church.

After getting information that young homeless mutants in Managua are being imprisoned as threats to the public safety, the first project for Elpis involves buying an unused church and turning it into a shelter and vocational training facility.


Nathan Dayspring, Angelo Espinosa, Rahne Sinclair


May 27-31, 2006

Plot Summary

For some time, Nathan and Angelo had been investigating information that young mutants living on the street in Nicaragua's capital city were being arrested for fears that their powers were a danger to the welfare of the public. With Elpis established and much more funding immediately to hand, Nathan made a semi-impulsive purchase, buying a Managuan church that had been shut down for lack of funds and making plans to turn it into a shelter where the homeless young mutants could get basic training in their powers and other useful skills.

With Angelo and Rahne, he went down to check out the church himself and hire on local staff to begin the process of converting it into what they needed. They found the building in relatively good shape - and one young mutant already taking shelter there, having heard the rumors that it was going to become a safe place for those like her.

Angelo and Nathan went to city hall to speak to Calero, the councilor responsible for the arrest policy, only to discover that he was committed to that course of action and quite unapologetic about it, largely due to his own fear and distrust of mutants. Despite Angelo and Nathan's efforts to sway him to their thinking, the meeting ended poorly. Calero grudgingly agreed not to interfere with the shelter without due cause, but refused to release those young people already in custody. He also implied that extra-legal methods might be used to remove the mutants in question from the streets, enraging Nathan even further.

On their way out, Angelo and Nathan were approached by another councilor, Nora Leal, who apologized for her colleague's attitude and revealed herself as a telepath, offering her assistance. The Elpis team departed Nicaragua that night with the knowledge that they had at least one friend in a moderately high place. Between that and the fact that the work of setting up the shelter had begun, it was a first project well-started for Elpis.

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A few months later, Elpis set up another shelter in Managua. The project still stands as one of their most successful to date.


Plotrunner: Alicia