Scorpion and Fox

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Scorpion and Fox
Dates run: 21-22 February 2009
Run By: Kate
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"I will find you, Mother! You will see me again."

When Peter Lakatos turns up asking for help protecting a Friends of Humanity march, things don't go according to plan.


Cyclops, Nightcrawler, Sway

Jean Grey, Forge

Peter Lakatos, Mystique, Nimrod


21-22 February 2009

Plot Summary

Peter Lakatos showed up at the mansion with news that his precognition had given him a brief flash of himself fighting Nimrod in New York in the next few days. The most likely target of a Brotherhood action was an upcoming FOH march and so a small team - in order to avoid drawing the attention of the marchers - was formed to observe and attempt to prevent trouble. Given the area needed to be covered, Scott reluctantly included Kurt in the mission, well aware Mystique was likely to be one of the Brotherhood involved and of Kurt's belief that there was some kind of redeemable features in his biological mother.

Scott and Zanne picked up Nimrod's trail, using Zanne's powers, and followed it. Nimrod had no apparent goal, travelling in a straight line and killing anyone in his path - the two X-Men intercepted him, but found themselves quickly in trouble.

In the meantime, Kurt was approached by Mystique, who recognized him under the image inducer face he wore as it would have been his face had he not been a mutant. She asked for his help in rescuing a mutant child taken by the FOH and reluctantly, he agreed, knowing he could not refuse if there was the potential of a child in trouble. Lakatos, however, was less than impressed when he heard what Kurt was about to do, and even less so when Kurt teleported away, deserting his post. When Kurt reached his destination, however, he discovered a small anamoly with the story Mystique had told him - a sheet of fresh cookies on the kitchen counter. Realising there had been no kidnapping, he teleported into the bedroom being defended by a number of men fighting Mystique, and discovered the wife and son of the politician, both human and both terrified of what would happen should Mystique gain entry. Realising he had been duped, Kurt teleported them to the nearest police station. With her target gone, Mystique fled.

Lakatos had sought out Scott and Zanne and reached them in time to stop Nimrod from killing them, but was knocked out in the process. Kurt teleported in just in the nick of time, dumping Nimrod in the middle of the Atlantic, but when he returned, Mystique had appeared, taking Scott hostage as a guarantee of her escape. When it became obvious Kurt was intent on taking her into custody, she cut into an artery on Scott's arm and fled, forcing Kurt to remain behind and take care of him.

In the aftermath of the incident, Kurt declared he would no longer trust his mother in any way, nor seek her out.

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Not everyone accepted Kurt's declaration - Jean-Paul, in particular, was unhappy about Kurt's actions and made no bones about saying so.

Months later, when Lakatos worked with the X-Men again, he made it clear he still did not trust Kurt.


Plotrunner: Kate