Sebastian Madrias

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Sebastian Madrias - deceased
Portrayed by
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Apocalypse
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Day Zero

"May you know the mercy in the next life, that we must deny you in this fallen world."

A pastor of the Baptist Church of the Risen Christ down in Alphabet City and a telepath, Madrias was driven insane by Apocalypse's attack on New York and raised a cult in worship of the mutant he perceived as the Second Coming. He was killed by Morgan Lennox during the battle for New York.


Name: Sebastian Madrias

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Apocalypse

First appearance: Day Zero

Family: Unknown.


Madrias was born in Honduras to an otherwise normal family. As a child, he suffered mild brain damage during a severe fever. Later, his family came to the US, not seeing any change in their son other than headaches and trouble concentrating. When his mutant power manifested, his telepathy lost the ability to read others, and instead functioned as a kind of receptor for especially strong personalities.

Sebastian started to hear voices, and in the deeply religious Latin American communities, the strongest personalities were the fiery priests. The voices in his head spoke of God. Believing the voices to be divine in nature, Madrias sought a religious career, but he was unable to advance in the strict Catholic hierarchy (considering his regular bouts of telepathic reception) and instead ended up working for and then leading a Baptist store front church.

Madrias had always been a very good speaker, his powers subconsciously manipulating his audiences to their most favourable opinion. With the vast power of Apocalypse's personality reaching Manhattan, Sebastian's mind finally overloaded. Apocalypse's philosophy became his only religion, and he whipped a number of unwitting "followers" into a feverish riot.

During the riot, Sebastian was shot and killed by Morgan Lennox


Madrias was a sporadic and uncontrollable telepath who formed "hooks" between people he could telepathically infect. This simulated a mob-mentality religious fervor, and in support of Apocalypse, acted as a sort of amplifier for the chaos.


Day Zero


Socked by: Dex

Madrias is based very, very loosely on the "Church of the Madri" from the Age of Apocalypse run of X-comics.