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Slender Children
Portrayed by n/a
Known Aliases: n/a
Affiliations: Slendermen
Socked By: Sam
Introduction: Something Slender This Way Comes

Once innocent children who were dragged into Askew World, the Slender Children now work with the Slendermen in order to bring more victims into their world.


Name: Slender Children

Aliases: n/a

Affiliation: Slendermen

First appearance: Something Slender This Way Comes

Family: None


Children (usually younger than twelve, but can be as old as sixteen) who, like the New Mutants back in, were pulled over into the Askew World. Ones that have been there for years have taken on the form of Slendermen (basically baby Slendermen - all the featureless, genderless, suit-wearingness of a Slendermen but without the insane height), while ones that have been there for shorter amounts of time are able to keep their regular appearances (they’ll convert as time goes on, however), so for all intents and purposes, they look human. They show no emotion, however, and when they are in the Askew World, their eyes turn completely black. Unlike Slender Men, they do have distinguishable genders, though it does not make much difference.

One way they are similar to regular children is that they have an overwhelming need to “impress” the Slender Men (who are parental figures to them, so to speak, though the Slender Men of course have no parental feelings towards the children). They will lure unsuspecting people into the Askew World for the Slender Men.

They do not grow or age - they are frozen at whatever age they were when they were taken, and their clothes are the clothes they were wearing when they were kidnapped. They do not speak, and do not have names.

For the most part, Slender Children do not stand out - they look just like regular children, and are easily overlooked. When they are in the Askew World, they tend to stick together in small groups (five to ten children per group), and they live in small nests all around Askew World. When they enter the regular world, they split up to bring in the largest amount of prey possible. They have a hive mind, so to speak -- they all share a common goal, which is of course to bring the Slender Men more victims.

Empathically, they register about the same as Slender Men - hunger, fear, pain, etc - though they are a bit more obvious. Telepathically they do not register as humans.

Like the Slender Men, they can not pass through magical wards, and personal warding is temporary. The ‘do not believe’ influence does not exist for them as it does for the Slender Men. On the other hand, they don’t really need it, because who’s going to believe that a small child is stalking someone?

The Slender Children’s Nests - Small bubbles within the Askew World (kind of like mini Askew Worlds within the bigger one), in which the Slender Children generally reside.


None, other than the ability to travel between Earth and the Askew World. They’re unable to control their appearances - when they go to Earth their eyes automatically become “normal” eyes, and when they go back to Askew World they automatically turn black again.


Something Slender This Way Comes


PB: None

Socked by: Sam

The Slender Children are based on the Black-Eyed Children urban legend with a few modifications