Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon

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Song of Isaac, Key of Solomon
Whore of babylon.jpg
Dates run: January 8-28, 2010
Run By: Dex
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"One - we do not know whether the man we saw was actually Nur. Anyone could have used the name. Two - Nur is a legend, as I said. A myth. My research into him had almost ended my academic carer before it began. I was on the verge of being laughed out of the university for even suggesting that he could still be alive. And finally... Three - he has been my life's work. Some might say obsession. I am probably the pre-eminent expert on Ozymandias in the world. But I know almost nothing about his ultimate agenda."

Garrison and Farouk get caught up in a complicated shadow-world of conspiracies and legends.

Part 8 of the Imperium Stratagem.


Amahl Farouk, Garrison Kane, Emma Frost, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert, Adrienne Frost, Manuel de la Rocha, Doug Ramsey, Julian Keller

Nightcrawler, Angel, Buttercup

The Alamut, Father Andrew Connelly, Maria Teresa Ramirez, Jane Hampshire, Stick, Calysee Neramani, Charles Xavier

Jacob Reisz, Opus Dei, Jonathan Tremont, En Sabeh Nur


January 8-28, 2010

Plot Summary

At a meeting of the Alamut, Farouk reveals that Calysee Neramani has been abducted from her house arrest and that her brother D. Ken might be planning a move on Pakistan using her abduction as an excuse; a heated discussion ensues over whether the Alamut should get involved or not. Farouk and Emma 'meet' in the astral plane to discuss Calysee Neramani's escape from the mental prison Emma had locked her in. Garrison informs the X-Men that he's being called away by the FBI to advise on an investigation on the kidnapping of Calysee Neramani. In Israel, Garrison meets with a police officer who explains that the Opus Dei, a militant cult within the Catholic Church, may be waiting for Calysee to be delivered to them Israel for execution, in order to start the holy war described in the New Testament. Farouk visits an archeological dig in Pakistan to discuss the Calysee kidnapping with an old 'friend', Father Andrew Connelly when Esteban's mother shows up as well and over perusal of the Judas Codex, the theory that Calysee could be seen as the Whore of Babylon, which may or may not be a red herring to cover a terrorist plot using her as a weapon; the White Court, plus Julian at Manuel's coattails, attend a Hellfire function where the London Inner Circle is in attendance. In Israel, Garrison is accosted by Jane Hampshire, Red Rook of the London Hellfire Club, who drops hints the Opus Dei and the Holy Grail might be involved. Amanda discovers an unusual number of flights from Rome to the Middle East and consults with Marie-Ange in case there's a religious connection.

Garrison joins the Yamman team in an attempt to rescue Calysee, but it turns out to be a trap as a bomb is set off with Garrison the only survivor and taken by persons unknown; the Alamut are wiped out as Jacob Reisz joins forces with the Opus Dei and takes Farouk hostage, intent on torturing what he knows out of him. Garrison and Farouk share a cell, Farouk still attempting to grasp the Alamut's death while trying to make purpose of their capture and who their captors are; Jonathan Tremont, Grand Master of The Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ and of the Temple of Solomon, enters the cell and introduces himself, telling Farouk his reputation proceeds him and explained his future aspirations involving India's annexation of Pakistan and the creation of the Babylon Woman to plunge the Middle East into a holy war; Esteban's mother, Jane Hampshire and a man introduced as Stick, an agent of the Vatican, break them out and plans are made to go to Bhagdad to stop Tremont's ceremony to create the Babylon Woman; Kane makes a phone call to Xavier and lets him know what's going on. The group arrives at the temple and spots Calysee Neramani surrounded by guards, in a ritual when the Opus Dei comes in; Farouk releases the Shadow King within him and halts the ritual, although many are killed because of it; the X-Men come for a rescue and retain Jacob Reisz, taking him back to the airbase to hand him over to William Bastion; in the aftermath of the battle, En Sabeh Nur appears and names Calysee the Deathbird; Jane Hampshire is gravely injured trying to stop Deathbird from leaving with Nur; later, Farouk sits with Stick, Jane Hampshire and Garrison at the airport, discussing the ramifications of Nur - also known as Ozymandias - taking an active role in the world.

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Plotrunner: Dex

The events of this plot still occurred in Phase 2, but specifics, such as which characters were involved, remain fuzzy for the purposes of not breaking the world. ;)