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Sons of Liberty
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Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: list individuals here
Affiliations: Project SuperSoldier
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Sons of Liberty

The Sons of Liberty are a group of military veterans used as test subjects during efforts to recreate the Super Soldier program. Drugged and taken advantage of by one of their own, they now lead quiet lives as normal veterans.

First Appearance

November 14, 2011


William Naslund - deceased
Naslund was the first successful candidate to replace Steve Rogers following his disappearance during the Second World War. Naslund's treatment seemed to duplicate the original by Dr. Erskine, but by 1947, the effects were obviously wearing off. Naslund spent the next twenty-five years as a consultant and trainer for various versions of the military's Super Soldier program before retiring. He was always concerned about the military 'forgetting' the volunteers in the interests of national security, and since his retirement has kept track of all men who are put through the various programs.

PB: Deceased

Will Burnside - deceased
A graduate of the Super Soldier program during Korea, Burnside failed to exhibit any signs of enhanced abilities. He worked for Army Intelligence for many years, including in Vietnam, Egypt, Laos, and China. Since his retirement, he's been drawn to more extreme influences, and his patriotism has turned to fanaticism. Using illegal accounts from his operative days, he hired the steroid lab to analyse the blood work of other Super Soldier survivors. They were able to create a compound which unlocked the dormant genetic triggers and activate them. Unfortunately, the process also has severe mental complications, poisoning the brains of the subjects.

PB: Deceased

Isaiah Bradley
Isaiah Bradley.png
The first recognized African-American member of a Super Soldier program, Isaiah was just out of Basic in 1974 when he volunteered for the process. A deeply moral and religious man, he was the defacto moral centre of the Sons of Liberty, and following Naslund's death would assume his mission.

PB: Ron Glass.

The other subjects include:

  • Jeffrey Mace - recruited during the Korean War - dead
  • John Walker - recruited during Vietnam
  • Howard Roscoe - recruited during Vietnam
  • Paulie Turpin - recruited during Grenada
  • Bob Rosso - recruited during Kuwait
  • Dave Rickford - recruited during Kuwait

All six men have enhanced strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and coordination. They literally have the peak physical condition and athleticism humanly possible.


The 'Sons of Liberty' were originally a group of veterans from the Korean War who had been petitioning for better care for wounded vets. The group was disbanded in the late fifties but the original founders listed two surviving members - Bucky Barnes and William Naslund. Nasland served as the replacement Captain America in 1945 following the original Captain America's death. Naslund was treated with a new version of the Super Soldier process which only worked for a couple of years before fading.

In 1974, a number of other young soldiers were involved in a further attempt to replicate the Super Soldier process. The program was unsuccessful and ten years later, one of the subjects, Isiah Bradley, received a letter from Naslund. Naslund had been creating a network between those involved in the various super soldier programs, to keep a cohesive group together incase any of them developed complications down the road. He used to call the group the 'Sons of Liberty' in jest.

William Burnside, another member dating from the 50s, sought Bradley out with an offer in early 2011. He claimed that the government had lied to them, and that the process had worked but was being suppressed. He also claimed that someone was coming after former members and that they were in danger. Isiah didn't trust Burnside, and spurned the offer, but soon after, only Naslund was left of the 'Sons of Liberty'. The others had just disappeared off the grid. Burnside used a lab, previously known for illegal steroids, to put the other Sons through a process that activated the dormant super soldier process in their blood. The new process turned them into super soldiers, but it also caused them to break down mentally. Burnside had them virtually brainwashed, ready to strike back at the government to support his nebulous paranoia and as such orchestrated a number of attacks on DoD facilities, culminating in a hostage situation at the lab.

In order to avoid a bloodbath, Garrison Kane called in the X-Men to quietly defuse the situation and extract the Sons of Liberty. Burnside was then killed by a SHIELD strike team who stormed the building. The surviving Sons were taken to Muir Island Research Facility and once the chemicals were purged from their systems, quietly relocated with their families. The survivors were killed in the Muir invasion in January 2015.


Sons of Liberty


Socked by: Dex

All of the individuals named in the Sons of Liberty were Captains America in the comics at one point or another.