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Dates run: March 2, 2007
Run By: Jen
Read the logs: Superhero

"Kid, I don't know what you've got planned, but you'd better do it soon," he half-growled, pain making him terse. "You might be able to survive a burning building crashing down on you, but us regular Joes can't. And my wife'll kill me if anything happens to me."

A routine trip to the city becomes much more when Angel finds herself in a situation where she's the only one who can help save lives.


Angelica Jones, Garrison Kane, David Haller

Charles Xavier, Paul Camp


March 2, 2007

Plot Summary

After cadging a lift to New York with Garrison and Haller, Angel's trip to the camera shop was interrupted when she came across an apartment building on fire. Overhearing the firefighters talking about several people trapped on one of the floors, she realized that her powers would make her able to save them when no-one else could. She telepathically called for Charles' help, who guided her through the building to the trapped people, and who also alerted Garrison and Haller what was happening. Unfortunately, traffic prevented them from reaching Angel in time to help her, despite Garrison's rather inventive means of avoiding gridlock by commandeering a mounted policeman's horse.

Inside the building, Angel found three people trapped - a woman and her teenage daughter, and a fireman who was pinned under a beam. After creating an exit for the woman and her daughter by blasting out a window, Angel then burned through the beam, enabling the fireman - Paul Camp - to push it off. His leg broken, they had to work their way up to the roof, where Angel managed to fly them to the roof of the next building. Paul's crew arrived to help, but Angel had slipped away before they got there, afraid she would get into trouble. Unknown to her, she had left her jacket - with a name tag sewn into it - behind. Angel was uncomfortable with the idea of being a 'hero', and kept the news of her deed largely to herself.

Two weeks later, Angel was startled to see Paul at the school. He had come with the chief of his precinct, to discuss with Charles giving Angel an award for bravery. Overwhelmed by this, it took Paul to make Angel realise that she had done nothing to be ashamed of - quite the opposite in fact. Paul also came with an offer of an internship at the firestation, when Angel turned sixteen, with an aim to recruiting her when she turned seventeen. Angel, realising this would mean she could get the training to use her powers for something good, agreed readily. She later posted to her journal at Paul's behest, telling people what had happened.

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It was a busy day for Garrison - earlier the same day, he had been approached by Kyle Gibney regarding the Most Dangerous Game footage.


Plotrunner: Jen

Paul Camp was socked by Rossi