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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the Szardos family. For other uses, see Szardos Family (disambiguation).

Szardos Clan
Portrayed by Friedrich von Thun, Thomas Mikusz, Ellen Muth, Sibel Kekilli
Known Aliases: Margali Szardos; Stefan and Mirela
Affiliations: Kurt Sefton, Amanda Sefton, Meggan Szardos
Socked By: Kate, Rossi, Jen
Introduction: January 12, 2005

The Szardos Clan are the immediate family of Kurt Sefton, Amanda Sefton and Meggan Szardos. They have little interaction with the school and little connection to other current characters beyond Wanda Maximoff, herself Romani.


First appearance: January 12, 2005

Ivan Szardos - deceased
The two natural children all follow their father in looks and general temperament, being blonde, blue-eyed and generally happy, people-loving types. Ivan was the clan leader, marrying Margali, the clan's witch, in 1974. It was his generous nature that opened their doors to the blue mutant child abandoned by his mother and which broke his heart when his daughter Jimaine was taken by a man claiming to be from the government in 1989. He died of heart failure in 1994, leaving Margali to raise their children and to lead the clan.

PB: None.

Margali Szardos
A small, dark-haired woman in her early sixties, Margali is far more intimidating than her stature would indicate. Her time as leader made her somewhat harsh and strict. She retired as leader in 2006 after a long illness, naming Stefan as her successor, but remains as the clan's draborni.

PB: Therese Giehse.

Stefan Szardos
The eldest, born June 24, 1974. Responsibility has made Stefan rather solemn, but he cares for his family deeply and his younger sisters bring out his more carefree side. During his childhood he frequently got into fights defending his 'demon' younger brother Kurt and the two were each other's back up in confrontations with their strict mother. In October 2007 he married Mirela Natonska, after sounding her out on her attitudes towards mutants, with his 'demon' brother and 'monster' little sister.

PB: Thomas Mikusz.

Kurt Sefton
Kurt icon.jpg
Born December 24, 1976, Kurt was left with the Szardos clan as an infant - his mother, the shapeshifter Mystique, gave birth to him in the guise of a homeless young German woman and vanished shortly afterwards, naming the blue infant 'Kurt Wagner' before she did. She later fathered another child, Kurt's half-sister Marie D'Ancato. For further details, see his individual page.

PB: Alan Cumming

Amanda Sefton aka Jimaine Szardos
The third child, born April 14, 1987, Amanda was two when she was abducted from the family by black magician Rack, posing as a government social worker. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Billie Piper

Meggan Szardos
Meggan icon.jpg
Adopted daughter of the Szardos Clan, Meggan has progressed from the small furry girl she was when found to a teenage girl curious about the world and her own powers. She is currently a resident of Xavier's. For further details, see her individual page.

PB: Carey Mulligan

Mirela Szardos (formerly Natonska) - Stefan's wife
A small woman, with chestnut brown hair that waves slightly, and brown eyes. The daughter of another Roma clan, largely based in Poland, Mirela sets store on the traditional ways of her people, but for all that is something of a modern woman. She left the caravan to pursue her schooling, but under amicable circumstances, and returned to a warm welcome. She and Stefan met in spring 2006, at one of the traditional gatherings of the Roma, and began their courtship shortly after. Mirela, having encountered a number of perspectives on the mutant question whilst at school, places value in the person, not the appearance, and became close with Meggan. When Margali took ill in 2006, it was with Mirela's family that Stefan placed the empathic shapeshifter.

Mirela loves to laugh, and has a sunny personality that will do much to ease Stefan's seriousness. She is also strong-willed, and dedicated to her family and her people. She will do her best to support Stefan in his role as clan leader.

PB: Sibel Kekilli

Other Relatives: Many extended relatives - aunts, uncles, cousins of various degrees.


The Szardos Clan are a Roma clan living largely in Germany. They are named for the leading family, the Szardos family, of whom Margali was formerly the head. Margali was also a magic user, acting as Draborni or fortune-teller for the clan and her eldest son Stefan replaced her as leader upon her retirement. The clan runs a small circus during the summer months, touring Europe, in which the family performs various acts.

The Szardos family was comprised of Margali and her four children, two of whom she adopted. Stefan is the eldest, with Margali adopting Kurt after his mother, Mystique, abandoned him immediately after his birth. Her third child, Jimaine was kidnapped by the black magician Rack at the age of two. In 1994 Margali's husband Ivan died of heart failure, leaving Margali to raise their remaining children and take on the mantle of leadership. In 2005 the shapeshifter child Meggan was adopted by Margali to provide her with a legal identity whilst she was at the school, and following Amanda's departure from the school Meggan came to live with the caravan.

Amanda's return in 2005 made things particularly difficult with the family dynamics - Margali harboured a deep-seated doubt and disappointment that her eldest daughter had become an Outsider. This situation became even more marked with Kurt's casting out following his attempts to create a relationship with his birth mother, Mystique.

Stefan is now head of the clan, and Margali retains her role as Draborni. Stefan is now married to Mirela Natonska, a girl from another Roma clan. Most recently, it was decided that Meggan should return to the school to learn to use her powers more effectively. The three siblings living in the States frequently visit, often bringing guests such as Carmilla Black. Stephan and Mirela had their first child, a son, in 2014.


May 6, 2015 - Amanda lets Kurt and Meggan know she's found the clan after M-Day.


Socked by: Rossi (Margali) and Jen (Stefan)