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Val Cooper: Val Cooper has been an agent with the Secret Service for close to ten years. It is unknown what her function with the Secret Service was, but since 2003 she has functioned under the direction of President McKenna himself as liaison between the US government and the X-Men. As such, she has been the go-between on numerous occasions where the government has requested the X-Men's assistance both domestically and abroad. She was also involved in the operation to capture Sabretooth, acting in response to his attempt on the life of Senator Graydon Creed.

Agent Cooper has also been shown to have either a background in law or familiarity with the US legal system, as she has acted as an authority in amnesty proceedings for both Pietro Maximoff and Forge.

As baseline human, she has extensive training in law enforcement, personal protection, and government procedure. She is also highly professional, seeming cold and ruthless on occasion, but this masks a certain dry wit and passion for what she does.