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Moment of Awesome - Garrison Kane: Meeting an amnesiac Rogue in the kitchen is probably the hardest thing Garrison has ever done.

"I consider that more of a tragedy for you than anything else?" He said. "I'm Garrison Kane. We've been close for the better part of a decade. Even dated for a while. I could prove it by identifying some of your more intimately placed moles but that might not be much of a comfort, eh?"

Rogue was in the middle of a bite when he said that, causing her to choke slightly. When she'd cleared her throat, she gave him a wide-eyed stare. "Lordy, y'all are shameless. Do ya talk ta me like this when Adri is around?". With her accent, the name sounded more like Audrey.

"Usually, she's the one making the inappropriate comments."

Rogue nodded. "Ah can believe that.". She picked up a stray piece of tomato and chewed. "So y'all know me inside an' out, huh? Anythin' Ah should know? Ah'm finding mah brain is like some sorta puzzle, an' Ah'm slowly puttin' the pieces together."

"Probably a lot, but lots of it might not apply right now. I'm finding out that a lot of our time up in Canada hasn't necessarily made it into this world." Kane gave her an ironic look. "You might be in the best position right now, not remembering the changes right now."

Rogue gave a wry grin. "Funny. Ah don't feel particularly lucky an' all, but Ah'll take your word for it....although Canada, eh? Ah like the sounds of that. "

"You did." Kane sighed. "That's the worst thing about this. Marie, we love each other. Not in a romantic way these days, but before all this happened, you were one of my best friends. You were there at my Mother's funeral. And now, you don't even remember Toronto..."

He pushed his cup away. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't burden you with this. It's not fair."

Rogue felt torn. She'd been lamenting the‎ loss of her memories as they rated to her. Not once had she stopped to think how it'd affect others.

"Nothin's fair 'bout this, Kane.", the young woman said. She stepped away from her sandwich and walked towards him. Before she could talk herself out of it‎, she tentatively wrapped her arms around his waist, her cheek resting on his shirt. "An' Ah wish Ah could remember ya. Ah never thought Ah'd be surrounded by people who love me, an' it turns out adult me got to have that. That's more than some people ever get.".

It was more than she thought she'd ever get. "‎At least now, we get ta build new memories, in case mah old ones never come back.". She pulled away from him, her arms still on his waist, and raised an eyebrow. "Ah bet there's stuff up on in there that you're relieved Ah don't remember."

"Only that night on the checkerboard floor." His arms were around her. "I'm sorry, Beulah. You don't need this. But it is hard seeing your best friend look at you like you're the sandwich artist at Subway."