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Moment of Awesome - Maya Lincoln-Lopez/Echo: During Kuurth's attack on District X, Maya has to battle her own fears when helping Barbara Morse and Hope Abbott rescue a family from a car.

She went back outside to see how Hope and Maya were doing. "What's the status, people?"

Hope maneuvered out of the backseat of the car, a little boy clinging her like a limpet. "This little one seems okay, but we are going to need the jaws of life. His father seems to be in a far worse condition. Can you take him?" Handing of the little boy, she moved back inside the car to help Maya with the other kid.

Maya was sweating, but putting on a brave face for the little girl she'd been trying to coax from the gap between the front and back seat where she'd hidden. The combination between road accident and car was setting off flashbacks that she was barely keeping under control and she was glad to relinquish control of the situation to Hope. She slithered out of the car and took off slightly down the street to the entrance of an alleyway, not wanting any of the victims to see her throwing up.

Once she'd finished handing the young boy over to an on-site paramedic Bobbi returned to her team. More people were arriving now, including a team with the jaws of life to help the man Hope had previously pointed out, and they were getting the little girl out of the back seat as well. "Good job, Hope. Where's..." Her eyes looked around and saw Maya ducking down the nearby alleyway, and she went to see how she was going. "You ok, Maya?"

Maya didn’t answer for a time, to busy evacuating everything she’d eaten that day including for some reason, something that looked surprisingly like carrot. She didn’t remember eating any carrot recently.

“I’m just peachy.”

Bobbi just nodded and looked back to see how Hope was doing. It seemed more people were showing up so they weren't in as much of a rush as they'd previously been. "Okay, take care of yourself. I think we're going to be all right here now."