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Elpis was rocked when the Tel Aviv office, along with two other organisations dedicated to helping mutants, was the target of a suicide bombing. The bomb killed many of the new staff, and seriously injured many of the Pack, operating as Elpis operatives. Only a powers spike from Domino which gave them advanced warning saved their lives, including that of Angelo Espinosa who had been staying at the office before intending to go to Burma with Dom. Domino herself was critically injured and only Angelo's resuscitation prevented her death.

A pro-mutant, anti-coxistence group known as the Preservers claimed responsibility for all three bombings, prompting an international manhunt that involved both the X-Men and X-Force, as well as various government anti-terrorist groups. A young Preserver was captured attempting to bomb the United Nations, and with Jean Grey telepathically scanning him, the chilling news that the leader of the Preservers was able to boost 'minior' mutant powers to an explosive level was uncovered. The process was uncontrolled - the mutant reached critcal and exploded before anyone could help him. The import of this was discovered when during a raid on a Preserver enclave in Portugal, prompted by information obtained from the bomber/bomb, put Scott Summers into unwitting contact with the bomb-maker. When his powers began going out of control, he was put into protective containment, with Jean accompanying him.

Meanwhile, Angelo was approached by the FBI to go undercover, being an obvious mutant with enough training to look after himself, plus with his own background in gang culture. Angelo infiltrated a young would-be Preservers gang in New York and was eventually introduced to their leader (and the Preservers' recruiter) Benedict Devlin. Contacting Nathan Dayspring, Angelo arranged for the telepath to scan Devlin's mind and reveal the location and the identity of the bomb-maker, one Kushini Jinasena. The X-Men prepared to raid his base in Mexico, whilst the FBI (along with Garrison Kane and several X-Men, arrested Devlin and his young followers.

In Florida, Scott, frustrated and afraid of taking innocent lives with him, fled the containment facility after knocking Jean out. He stole a plane and flew out to sea, intending to explode harmlessly there, only to crash and then be intercepted by a battered Blackbird returning from the Mexico mission with Jinasena in custody. Cain Marko was airdropped, and forced Jinasena to undo what he had done to Scott. The ensuing backlash killed the terrorist, but the two X-Men survived.

Those Preservers captured were taken into custody by Val Cooper, although remnants of the organisation still exist.