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This page is a placeholder for something that has yet to appear in Phase 2 of the game. If you edit the page, remove this notice. Thank you!

Valerie Cooper
Portrayed by Kristanna Loken
Known Aliases: 'Val Cooper'
Affiliations: President McKenna - Special Agent
Socked By: Dex - Modsock
Introduction: May 30, 2005

Valerie 'Val' Cooper is an agent with the United States Secret Service.


Name: Valerie Cooper

Aliases: None revealed

Occupation: Special Agent, US Secret Service

First appearance: May 30, 2005

Family: None revealed


Phase 1

Val Cooper has been an agent with the Secret Service for close to ten years. It is unknown what her function with the Secret Service was, but since 2003 she has functioned under the direction of President McKenna himself as liaison between the US government and the X-Men. As such, she has been the go-between on numerous occasions where the government has requested the X-Men's assistance both domestically and abroad. Specifically, in October 2008, she came to the Xavier Institute to enlist the aid of the X-Men in dealing with the invasion of Manhattan by Apocalypse. She was also part of a meeting discussing the Genosha situation, which reluctantly agreed there was nothing to be done to aid Xavier's people without international incident.

Agent Cooper has also been shown to have either a background in law or familiarity with the US legal system, as she has acted as an authority in amnesty proceedings for both Pietro Maximoff and Forge.

Phase 2



Normal human with extensive training in law enforcement, personal protection, and government procedure.


Phase 1

X-Men Mission: The Empty Quarter

X-Men Mission: Phalanx

X-Men Mission: Leverage



Thirteen Days

Day Zero

London to Ladysmith via Pretoria

The End of the Beginning

Phase 2



PB: Kristanna Loken

Socked by: Dex for the Mods