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Forge: As a child, Forge was smaller than most of his peers and phenomenally intelligent. It has been mentioned that he learned to drive the family car by himself before he was thirteen years old, and had been tinkering with mechanical devices like clocks and TV remotes since he was seven. This may have been due to an early gradual manifestation of his mutation, or simply innate curiosity and mechanical inclination. Forge's studious nature and diminutive physical stature made him the target of ridicule and abuse all through his grade school and early high school years. Believing his parents were ignoring the abuse (they were simply unaware of it), he decided to make a violent statement of rebellion by building an explosive device to set off during a school rally. The device went off prematurely in his locker, costing him his left hand and leg, but hurting no one else.

After his rehabilitation and discovery of his mutant powers, he was brought to the school to learn to deal with his powers and develop social skills in a more nurturing environment. Initially, Forge's reaction to the school was one of isolation and resistance, which soon cooled as he found friends. During his tenure at the school, Forge has become active in the HeliX political action group. As a student, Forge shared a room with Kyle Gibney in a suite with Jay Guthrie and Marius Laverne. He continues to work closely with Paige Guthrie as a laboratory partner, and despite an awkward period where Forge had a strong yet unrequited romantic attraction to Paige, the two continue to work as peers. He was also instrumental in both Catseye and Jennie Stavros locating their long-lost families.

In the fall of 2005, Forge was kidnapped by Lorna Dane, who was under the influence of Magneto. Under duress, Forge was forced to create the Neutralizer, which was destroyed after temporarily removing both his and Lorna's mutant powers.

Forge has published a biography of Magneto, which has met with mixed reviews. Following San Diego, many retailers stopped distribution, fearing the political ramifictions.

In the spring of 2006, Forge and some of his friends were assaulted by Masque, who used his power to disfigure them physically. In Forge's case, his prosthetics were covered in a layer of skin, which was not only disorienting to Forge's senses, but incredibly painful as his prosthetics attempted to vent excess heat through the skin. After a few days, he was returned to normal by Marius's use of Masque's powers. As a gift to his friend, Marius also wiped away the physical scars from Forge's accident. As an unpredicted side effect of this generosity, the damage to Forge's internal organs and his nearsightedness were also cured.

Forge graduated from Xavier's in 2006, and began an internship with Lee Kuk to train in operating the mansion's security systems. In September 2006, Forge accepted the full-time position of Security Specialist and joined the school's staff officially. During the X-Men's second mission to Youra, Forge assisted with support, accepting a role as the team's technical adjunct.

Forge has a natural comprehension of mechanical concepts and engineering techniques. This allows him to invent any type of device he can imagine, provided he has an inkling of how it should work. He is also able to intuit the operation or status of machinery at a glance, such as telling whether a car's engine needs tuning up.