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Moment of Awesome - Warren Worthington

In disgrace after an ill-advised vigilante outing, Warren shows a rare spark of introspection as he apologises for getting Miles into a mess.

So despite Scott's warning, Miles took a trip back into the city, over to Warren's penthouse. He'd never actually been there before, but he had the address, and thanks to some crafty camo and wall crawling, he didn't even need to use the front door to get inside. It was just a matter of climbing up several stories and flipping onto the rooftop.

"Ay, that smells so bad," he said as he shimmered into sight. "Is this what you're doing now?"

Warren gave a curious look as Miles reappeared. Stubbing out the joint, he sighed. "Well not anymore. I don't need to damage your brain anymore than my association with you does."

Sitting up, he gave a smile. "Glad to see you're in one piece though. I bet the ladies at the mansion were happy to coddle you. Women love injuries."

Miles scoffed at the remark. "I've been hiding out since I got back. Haven't talked to anyone. There isn't anyone to talk to. I can't really go up to anyone and be like, 'Hey, I'm Spider-Man and I got beat up by my supervillain uncle, please hug me.' Even that's a little too weird."

"If you needed help hiding out, you should have let me know," Warren chided before stopping himself. "Oh wait, that would involve me checking my phone. Which I believe I locked in my safe.." He rubbed at his unshaved chin in thought. "I suppose I'll have to give you my ultra secret work number until I feel like looking at my personal phone again.". Warren's tone shifted as he got serious. "Do you need anything? You have health coverage right? Anything I can give you, I will."

The earnest generosity made Miles smile. "I'm fine, really. I heal fast." He took the seat next to Warren and stretched out to get comfortable. "I came just to make sure you were okay. No texts or anything, Matt hasn't seen or heard from you . . . are you okay? You got hurt pretty bad."

Two broken ribs, a concussion and a sprained wing. That didn't count all the bruises and scratches that had to heal still. He was booking a spa weekend in the Bahamas after this.

"I'm fine," Warren responded, mimicking Miles position. They didn't need to look at each other to talk. "I also heal fairly quickly, and at this point, I'm just sore."

The older man stayed quiet for a moment, tapping his fingers on his chair. If it was anyone else, he probably wouldn't have said anything else, but he had a soft spot for Miles. Damn if the kid hadn't grown on him. "Did you get in a lot of trouble? I didn't think about how this would affect you. I'm sorry about that."