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Kim Ye-Xorn, the eldest child of the Xorn family and a student at Oxford. His manifestation in a Soho club during the 1980s was severe enough to render him near catatonic, and British authorities failed to see what could be done about the young man. He was subjected to a battery of tests trying to determine exactly what had happened to him. After six months, his grandfather, Sir Walter Ye-Xorn decided that he should be returned to be close to his family in Hong Kong. British authorities bowed to his wishes, and prepared a research time to accompany the young man back to the island. However, neither the team nor Xorn made it back to Hong Kong. Their plane stopped to refuel in Hawaii, and its transponder stopped transmitting less than an hour after take off. British Intelligence and the CIA concluded that the PRC had an agent on the flight crew, who must have been able to take over the flight and fly it into mainland China instead. However, without evidence, Britain had no option but to let the incident go.

Since 1980, a team of Chinese scientists had tried unsuccessfully to find a way to weaponize Xorn's abilities. However, despite their best efforts, Xorn stubbornly refused to yield any results. They only application they'd been able to successfully develop is harnessing Xorn to power the complex and surrounding area. Because they cannot communicate with him, attempting to study or train his actual abilities is impossible, and more radical methods like surgery were thwarted by his unique physical form.

In the last year, the Chinese government formally decided to shut down the facility at the end of 2006. With no proper use to be found for Xorn, they had orders to terminate him through whatever means they can devise. While Xorn could not react, he understood both his imminent death and the repercussions.

Xorn's mutant power is similar to Jono's - only exponentially more powerful. The standard bioelectrical transmissions of the human brain were not enough to convey such power, so his body mutated and adapted, transforming his brain into a plasma cloud capable of transmitting mental impulses stronger than any formerly quantified energy source. He is able to keep this cloud contained by meditation and force of will, containing what is essentially a grapefruit-sized star inside a field of psionic force. Instead of thoughts and reactions being driven by bioelectric interaction between neurons, in Xorn's star-brain they are conveyed by fusion and fission reactions happening at the speed of light. His mind is so fast and efficient that trying to interact directly with another human mind would be like trying to teach calculus to a houseplant.

Following his rescue by X-Force in Operation: Xorn, Xorn made his farewells without a word, simply walking away from the group and out into the world. Pete Wisdom has since attempted to keep tabs on him.