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Amelia Voght: An acquaintance of Charles Xavier from years ago - although she will not talk about how they met, or in fact, much of anything about herself - Amelia is an experienced MD who has worked for a number of years in the Third World with various relief agencies, and hence is something of a medical jack-of-all-trades. She was asked by Charles to take the job at the mansion when Henry McCoy and Madelyn Bartlet departed for new opportunities in Scotland.

In her time at the mansion, Amelia has been kept steadily busy, although rarely frantically so. She has earned a reputation for having the worst bedside manner of any doctor the mansion has had, ever. Some of the students refer to her as 'Tsarina Voght', a joke based on her Russian heritage, while others, especially the youngest students, whisper that she's really a vampire.

She has a polite relationship with Moira and a somewhat frosty one with Jean in the wake of the other doctor's time in Tibet. When it comes to the rest of her fellow staff, she has little time or tolerance for their foibles, often considering them more trouble than the students. Amelia doesn't socialize, save with Charles, and has no apparent hobbies. Her bark is nowhere near as bad as her bite.

Amelia's natural form is a cloud of green mist. In this form, she can teleport over intercontinental distances, although she has never displayed such a range during her time at Xavier's. She has minimal need for food and none at all for sleep. Although she is in her mid-forties, she appears to be in her early thirties - adjusting the appearance of her human form is a small vanity, but one she enjoys.