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Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs

The Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs is a think tank funded by Frost Enterprises and headquartered in New York City. The think tank specializes in mutant issues, across a wide range of areas and industries.

Following the successful rescue of Romany Wisdom from the EOE by her brother, Pete Wisdom, the idea was formed for a new group of mutants, operating outside of the mansion and in a covert fashion. This new group, X-Force, required both funding and a stable cover under which to operate. Contacting Emma Frost, Pete arranged for the funding of a new think tank, under which the team could hide their existance.

The Snow Valley Memorial Center for Mutant Affairs opened in May 2006, listing itself as a multi-displinary group specializing in mutant applications to existing structures and policy. Snow Valley maintains a politically neutral stance, devoting itself solely to mutant issues on the political end.

Since opening, the Center has successfully released position and policy papers on topics ranging from the considerations of mutation in insurance policy, the potential opprotunities in mutant architecture, and views on the global DNA race as the next arms concern.

Most of the material released by the Center is generated off-site, by a small team working in Frost Industries. However, some material is created specifically by the members of X-Force, usually in conjunction with their respective specialities.

Because of the specialized nature of the think tank, and their lack of political orientation, it remains largely ignored by both the media and the political estabilishment.

The offices occupy the entire top floor of a ten story building near the Avenue of the Americas, just north of NYU in Manhattan.