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Skin: Angelo Espinosa came to the school in August 2003, having been found on the streets of LA by Scott Summers. Initially distrustful and hostile, the former gang member, who had been beaten and nearly set on fire by his former 'brothers' after he manifested, began to warm to his new home. A crush on Paige Guthrie slowly grew into a relationship, despite her inability to choose between Angelo and Jonothon Starsmore, and eventually the boys agreed to 'share' in order to prevent causing Paige any more grief. Over time he developed other friendships and gradually dealt with a number of personal issues. Nathan Dayspring became his mentor, and the relationship did much for Angelo.

Upon graduating, however, he found himself at a loose end. He and Paige had broken up and he wanted neither a teaching job nor a position as an X-Man. Only his ties to friends such as Amanda Sefton kept him at the school at all, and with her departure to New Orleans, he needed something else. That appeared in the form of Nathan's new NGO, Elpis - over the next several months, Angelo found something he could believe in, and this brought about an entire change in perspective. He eventually became an X-Man, having something of a trial by fire with the events of Epiphany Frosts and Kaiten. He began using his powers - the ability to manipulate and stretch the several meters' worth of extra skin on his body - on a more regular basis, discovering applications he hadn't anticipated. And in February 2007, he began a relationship with his long-time friend, Amanda.

Conflicts between his former life and the life he has built for himself surface from time to time, however. It is something he will eventually need to settle for himself.