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Omega Red: Arkady Russovich is a former agent for the KGB with a deadly mutant power. In 1989, the Soviet government attempted to enhance his power in order to make him even more powerful, but the experiment was interrupted, and Arkady disappeared.

It is unknown how powerful Arkady was before the attempt. Currently, he generates a biological agent, refered to as a 'death spore' that causes cellular breakdown in anyone who inhales it. While a vaccination and cure for the agent has been developed, only a handful of individuals are known to have survived it, including Logan, David North, Cain Marko and Haroun al-Rashid.

If Arkady reabsorbs the spore after it has infected a victim, he exhibits increased strength and resilence, enough to tear the cybernetic limbs off Jetstream, survive fighting Colossus and possibly survive the explosion meant to kill him.