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The Blackbird: The Blackbird, also referred to as the X-Jet, is a supersonic transport based off of a heavily-modified SR-71 Blackbird. The Blackbird is an incredibly complex aircraft, requiring a significant degree of skill to operate. As such, advanced pilot training is usually required to fly the jet. The basic functions are similar to other jet aircraft of similar size, but the complex electronic and VTOL systems usually require two skilled pilots to operate - one pilot can fly it, but this is incredibly difficult.

The Blackbird has been modified and includes a number of special characteristics:

  • Stealth: The Blackbird uses a radar-diffusive skin to render it effectively invisible to most radar devices. The Blackbird also has a "silent flight" mode, although its top speed is radically diminished in this mode. While the Blackbird cannot be made optically invisible, the paint scheme is electronically controlled to provide some degree of camouflage depending on the surroundings.
  • VTOL capability: One of the major modifications to the stock SR-71 design (other than modifying the fuselage for passengers) is a vectored thrust Vertical Takeoff And Landing system, allowing the Blackbird to hover up to 150 feet above ground level and launch without a standard runway.
  • Special equipment: The Blackbird has at times been outfitted with temporary devices such as a portable low-range version of Cerebro, a containment device for energy-projecting mutants, and a portable medical unit for disaster relief missions.

It can fit up to 18 passengers, and fly to speeds of Mach 3.75.