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X-Men Mission: Keep The Faith.

On a routine mission to pick up a new student, several of the younger X-Men, plus Jan, were captured by members of the Brotherhood of Mutants when their new 'student' revealed himself to be Abyss, the mutant believed killed during X-Men Mission: Haunted House. Teleported away and the Blackbird ripped to pieces, the group were systematically tortured by individual members of the Brotherhood, seeking the impossible: remote access codes to Cerebro.

While the rest of the team searched the wreckage for their missing teammates, the four were able to communicate and make an escape plan, but were pursued as they made their break for it. They managed to fire off a distress call, but then found themselves facing a enraged and unstoppable Nimrod. With Wildchild unconscious and Jan and Siryn trying to revive him, Forge offered himself as a distraction, receiving serious injuries (including the loss of his mechanical arm) in the process. Fortunately for the group backup arrived just in the nick of time.

Over the next several weeks, each member wrestled with their experiences, dealing - or not dealing - in their own individual ways.