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July 29


2003: Pete goes down to New Orleans for a job.

2004: Jean-Paul finds Betsy getting drunk and takes her to bed.

2005: Sam finds Domino skinny-dipping, blushes a lot, then agrees to fly her back to her window. Bad Blood: Lorna starts to learn what's wrong with Alison, and gets a look at the scars. Nathan and Moira fly off to Muir so she can help with Amber's treatment. Moira sits down with Curt Connors and Amber and finds a relatively easy answer to the problem of the young woman's powers. Amanda and Meggan make up for a lapse in friendship by making Angelo a birthday cake for the event he missed the previous week. Nathan gets another kick in the head from his precog. Catseye and Kylun go to war against Forge and his portable hurricane generator, and the Professor gets caught in the middle of it. The mini-squid gets attached to Catseye's tail, to her displeasure. Sam crashlands on the lawn while flying.

2006: Shiro checks up on Scott, and later meets Alex, who notices there's something amiss with him. Believing Is Seeing: Karolina attends a concert in California and has an unsettling encounter with a sleazy guy named Rob, who wants Karolina to pose for some pictures. Laurie brings Haller some food. Amanda and Nathan have a slightly strained conversation. Drop of Nightshade: Remy and Lorna leave France for New Orleans so Remy can repay his debt to Tante Mattie; they find that Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau has murdered the New Orleans Guilds| guild heads so that she could assume control, and that she is Gambit's wife; Remy and Lorna avert a civil war among the crime syndicates and almost get killed; Lorna is not very happy with Remy for not telling her about Belladonna.

2007: Sound of Silence: Forge comes across Crystal leaving the palace secretly to track down Maximus Boltagon and offers to give her cover. Operation: Treehouse - the students and the younger staff/graduates help build a new treehouse to replace the destroyed one.

2008: Emma breaks the news of Esteban's death to Mark and later he finds Farouk at Harry's and they awkwardly mourn together.

2009: Early in the morning, Morgan visits Adrienne to retrieve some clothes, informing her friend that she stayed over at Lex's and inviting her out for breakfast. Crystal takes Lex shopping for luau supplies in a limo and convinces him to wear a hula skirt for the party. Yvette and Catseye meet in the woods and Yvette relates some information about her past that brings Catseye out of her identity funk and the two go take the test for their learner permits at the DMV. Lil emails Jean-Paul asking him to cook for her in the wake of her fight with Lex. Catseye posts about her and Yvette passing their tests and getting their learner permits. Sam posts apologizing to everyone for attacking Kyle and telling them of his suspension. Lex goes to the medlab to get the ribs he damaged hunting looked at and meets Nathan. Scott posts to the x-team journal announcing that Lex's trainee name is to be 'Hamster.' Manuel goes to visit Nathan in the medical bay and Nathan's emotions hit Manuel hard and Nathan admits he's not ready to accept that he had no choice but to kill Lense.

2010: When Jean-Paul asks Garrison about Lil, they wind up having it out about Jean-Paul's non-attendance at the funeral for the Alpha Flight members killed the previous year.

2011: Marie-Ange posts about wedding gifts for Remy and Ororo.

2012: Cammie and Tabitha go trolling for fights and trouble in a dive bar. Sue gets lost while exploring the mansion and stumbles across Hope, the girls talk about their differing hobbies.

2013: Tandy posts, wondering how she's doing well in fantasy baseball. Clint texts Frank and Billy about bringing home a dog.

2014: Lorna announces that in honor of Taco Tuesday, there is a variety of tacos in the kitchen.


2015: Operation: Wonderwall: Cecilia texts Wade, asking him to pick up dog food, but gets his “away at work” message; Clint texts Gabriel, but doesn’t get a reply; Tuesday again, but this time it’s Jubilee answering Williams’ call and Doug going with Wanda to the bail hearing feeling that something is definitely Wrong. Alison posts from Miami, where she is doing a final appearance. Bobby has junk food cravings and Ty takes a group out to eat. Tandy posts the Fall Fashion Week schedule and announces that she has tickets for those interested.

2016: Sooraya emails Angel telling her she got an internship she really wanted. Darcy makes a journal post sharing a video of the original Pokémon theme singer. Nica makes an angry journal entry about an article in the NY Times.

2017: Jubilee makes a journal post asking people to discuss their biggest screw-ups. Jubilee and Kevin discuss burn-out and their respective solutions to curing same.

2018: Sins of the Father: Topaz wakes up; Tandy emails Julian letting him know she’s awake; Topaz and Amanda talk, and finally some progress is made; Topaz apologizes to Kurt and he is far too kind. Jubilee makes a journal entry letting people know she’ll be at Harry’s drinking heavily if needed; Cecilia makes a journal entry advising everyone that curse is broken, and visitors are allowed if they can keep quiet. Wade checks up on a very stoned Molly.

2019: Julian finds Tandy on the rooftop and they talk about the Dweller and what comes next.