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Organization: Tesla Club
First Seen: March 2004

The Tesla Club, otherwise known as the Friends of Tesla is a fraternal order of scientists, chartered to provide a forum for social interaction and sharing of information among peers. Many people describe the Club as "a cross between MENSA and the Elks' Lodge".

The Club has meeting halls in many large cities in the United States, Canada, and Europe where members can meet and socialize. In addition, they host regular banquets toasting (and in some cases, roasting) noted personages in the field of science. Membership in the Tesla Club is by invitation only, only after a scientist has achieved some form of unique discovery in their field.

While named in honor of Nikola Tesla, the Tesla Club was not formed until ten years past the inventor's death, and he was named its first posthumous member. As a tribute to their namesake, the Tesla Club has officially barred membership, posthumous or otherwise, to Thomas Edison or anyone carrying on his work.

Members of the Tesla Club