The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation

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Organization: The Anodyne and Cornucopia Foundation
First Seen: November 13, 2004

Created as a response to their frustration following the powers created and lost in X-Men Mission: Firefountain, Moira MacTaggart and Madelyn Bartlet set about changing the world in a more mundane way, through the creation of the Foundation.


The Foundation was proposed by Moira in November 2004 as a means of changing the world without the powers she and Madelyn had gained and then lost in Iceland. Operating out of the Muir Island Research Facility, it provides food, clothing and medical attention to the needy, with plans to expand to other cities. Funded largely by the money Moira had formerly had invested in Shaw Industries, it also benefits from various charity drives and a mysterious donation of several hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In November 2005, Madelyn took on the position of Director of the Foundation, moving to Edinburgh with her partner Henry McCoy and his son Billy.




Created by: Jen and Rossi

The Foundation's name stems from the comic canon identities, Anodyne and Cornucopia, from the Firefountain plot in X-Men and Alpha Flight, Vols. 1-2.