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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the concept. For other uses, see The Chart (disambiguation).

Meta: The Chart
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"The Chart" is a graphic depicting the sexual and romantic relationships between X-Project characters throughout the game's history.

The current version was created by Ben and incorporates Phase 1 relationships which carried over from M-Day and relationships which are new since then..

For a relationship to appear on The Chart it must appear or be mentioned in an in-character game journal or log. OOC memes, histories not referenced in-game, etc don't count. All care has been taken to be as accurate as possible, but no responsibility is being taken for things being missed (however, things can be added easily enough if this has happened).



Dating without sex - indicated in a blue line.

Casual sex - indicated in a purple line.

Consummated relationship - indicated in a bright red line.



Explanations of the above relationships can be found here. Not all of the links will be explained here; only played characters have been given notes sections. For further information on NPCs or unplayed characters, check the individual character pages.

Adrienne Frost

Alex Summers

Married Lorna Dane in October 2017, after dating (and briefly taking a break) for five years.

Alison Blaire

Amadeus Cho

Amanda Sefton

  • had a three year relationship with Angelo. It ended amicably when they realised they had drifted apart as boyfriend and girlfriend, and when she confessed her work with X-Force sometimes requires her to have sex with other people.

Angelica Jones

Dated Clinton Barton casually/seriously for a couple of years before they amicably ended things.

Angelo Espinosa

Arthur Centino

Artie Maddicks

Barbara Morse

Bobby Drake


Carmilla Black

Cecilia Reyes

Clarice Ferguson

Clea Lake

Clinton Barton

Darcy Lewis

David Haller

David North

Doreen Green

Doug Ramsey

Emma Frost

Everett Thomas

  • Briefly dated Wanda Maximoff when they were teenagers. It ended when Magneto left the school, ending Wanda's visits to the mansion.
  • Slept with Clinton Barton as part of a honeypot mission when they were both SHIELD agents. They continued with a short-lived sexual relationship before deciding to remain just friends.

Felicia Hardy

Gabriel Cohuelo

Garrison Kane

Henry McCoy

Hope Abbott

Illyana Rasputin

Jean Grey

Jean-Paul Beaubier

Jean-Phillipe Colbert

Jennie Stavros

Jessica Jones

John Allerdyce

Jonothon Starsmore

Jonathan Storm

Jubilation Lee

Julian Keller

Kevin Sydney

Kitty Pryde

Kurt Sefton

Kyle Gibney

Laurie Collins


Lorna Dane

Marie D'Ancato

Marie-Ange Colbert

Marius Laverne

Matt Murdock

Maya Lincoln-Lopez

Megan Gwynn

Meggan Szardos

Miles Morales

  • Currently dating a girl named Becky in his AP Physics class.

Molly Hayes

Monica Rambeau


Natasha Romanoff

Nina Thurman

Quentin Quire

Rachel Kinross-Dayspring

Rahne Sinclair

Reed Richards

Scott Summers

Sebastian Druid

Sharon Friedlander

Sooraya Qadir

Stepford Cuckoos

Stephen Strange

Susan Storm

Tabitha Smith

Tandy Bowen


Had casual friend sex with Hope Abbott once, following a traumatic experience, and while neither regretted it, it was a one-time thing.

Tyrone Johnson

Wade Wilson

Wanda Maximoff

Warren Worthington

William Kaplan

Xavin Majesdane