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This page is about the Phase 2 incarnation of the concept. For other uses, see The Chart (disambiguation).

Meta: The Chart
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"The Chart" is a graphic depicting the sexual and romantic relationships between X-Project characters throughout the game's history.

The current version was created by Ben and incorporates Phase 1 relationships which carried over from M-Day and relationships which are new since then.

For a relationship to appear on The Chart it must appear or be mentioned in an in-character game journal or log. OOC memes, histories not referenced in-game, etc don't count. All care has been taken to be as accurate as possible, but no responsibility is being taken for things being missed (however, things can be added easily enough if this has happened).


Dating without sex - indicated in a blue line.

Casual sex - indicated in a purple line.

Consummated relationship - indicated in a bright red line.