The Good Samaritan

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The Good Samaritan
Dates run: August 28-30, 2015
Run By: Eva
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"You just happened to be in the right area at the right time with the right skill to retrieve a wanted arsonist who was committing a crime. Don't buy it."

An act of heroism backfires for Sharon Friedlander, drawing the attention of SHIELD.


Sharon Friedlander, Rogue, Susan Storm

Agents Melinda May & Antoine Triplet, James Cunningham


August 28-30, 2015

Plot Summary

One day when Sharon is doing parkour in the city, she was nearly home when she noticed smoke from a neighboring building. She could see the forms of a man on an upper floor. Sirens were heard in the background, but Sharon did not hesitate. Pulling up her hoodie, she scaled up the side of the building, using a combination of her parkour skills and her enhanced physical abilities and she managed to pull the man over shoulder. She scaled down the building the same way, man over her shoulder. The sirens had drawn onlookers though and Sharon tried to scramble away, after carrying the man to a just arrived ambulance.

It was too late though and that night movies showed up on the Internet of her scaling the building with the man over her shoulder and at least a partial flash of her face. Soon the clip is on the news with asking for identification of the person since she is wanted for questioning and potential involvement with the arson. One coworker recognizes her and calls the authorities.

The police, suspecting mutant involvement after seeing the footage themselves and considering the man saved was actually a known arsonist, past it on to Shield. Antoine Triplett and Melinda May were dispatched to Rapid City to investigate and possibly to arrest. At the mansion, the movie and a post on the blog 'Mutant Watch' were seen by Sue through an automatic online monitoring system that is part of her job at XFI. After a meeting and figuring out assistance might be required, Rogue and Sue are dispatched to check out the situation.

At the end of her work day the next day, she confronted by May and Triplet and taken in for questioning. Sue investigates and manages to get her hands on some footage from a traffic camera nearby that shows Sharon entering the building alone, as well as some other footage that show Sharon a couple of blocks away when the fire started.

As Sharon is being questioned by Trip and May, a cop arrives with the news that two people have shown up with new evidence. Sue and Rogue hide their identities with image and pretend to be lawyers. The new evidence is viewed and finding it consistent with Sharon’s story, May and Trip say they should be cleared from all charges. The police disagree, but Trip and May argue it’s their jurisdiction now and that all suspicions will be dropped.

Rogue and Sue tell Sharon about the mansion and she is interested in that, especially since everyone will know what happened now.

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Plotrunner: Eva

This plot served as introduction for Eva's third character Sharon Friedlander.