The Inhumans

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The Inhumans
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Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Mechanisms of Revenge

The Inhumans are the survivors of experimentation and torture at the hands of Apocalypse to attempt to rebuild his forces. Former pacifists, the Inhumans now shun all contact with the outside world.



The Inhumans were originally a small mutant commune of mostly harmless mutants in the Midwest. Living in a decommissioned and refurbished nuclear missile silo in the former Blue Area Mesa Launch Complex, the group was brought together by a number of successful programmers and developers of the glory days of Silicon Valley. The purchased the decommissioned complex in the early part of the decade, and converted it to hold about three dozen people, mostly couples or families, all of whom had minor mutant abilities of one form or another. Supporting themselves financially through telecommuting and residuals from their former jobs, they built up a society based around a vegan, open, pacifistic philosophy.

Thay had been noticed by Pete Wisdom a few years after starting, but they posed no threat. However, once Apocalypse broke free, Wisdom used them as bait to intice Apocalypse into a place where he could be trapped and killed. Apocalypse and his Dark Riders attacked the complex, and began to indoctrinate the mutants there, increasing their abilities and instilling a fanatical devotion to Apocalypse.

When the combined forces of the X-Men and X-Force attacked the base, a half dozen of the inhabitants were killed during the assault, and the rest were freed from their conditioning. However, there was no way to reverse the physical changes that Apocalypse had forced on them to increase their powers, leaving them looking in many cases as almost alien forms. In response, the commune decided that they had been forced outside of both the human and mutant worlds, and instead dubbed themselves 'Inhumans'.

Between their infastructure and powers, the Blue Area Mesa Complex is largely self-sustaining in most ways, and the Inhumans have strictly enforced a minimum contact policy with the outside world. It is unknown what will develop inside the complex, but for now, they simply demand to be left alone.


Mechanisms of Revenge


Socked by Dex

In the 'Endgame' comics storyline, many of the Inhumans had been captured, brainwashed, and then forced to fight for Apocalypse until X-Factor was able to free them.