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Aaron Davis Morales
Portrayed by Laz Alonso
Known Aliases: The Prowler
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Michael
Introduction: Patent Pending

Right and wrong are relative, Miles. Ask your dad about that.

A petty thief who became a big-time criminal, Spider-Man's uncle couldn't be more different than his Puerto Rican nephew.


Name: Aaron Davis Morales

Aliases: Prowler

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: Patent Pending

Family: Jefferson Morales (brother), Miles Morales (nephew), possibly other cousins and nephews


Aaron Morales is the younger brother of Miles Morales's father Jefferson. He was a petty thief as a youth and never aged out of his criminal days, growing up to become a master criminal codenamed the Prowler. The Prowler, who could fit in well with the Thieves Guild, wears a costume and a mask to hide his identity and mostly sticks to petty thefts.

Aaron and his brother grew apart when the latter abandoned his life of crime to settle down and have a family, and the two have not been on speaking terms for a couple of years now. He and Miles still communicated, though neither knew each other's secret identity until the Prowler stole from Worthington Industries. After Miles, Peter Parker, Matt Murdock and Warren Worthington investigated, both Miles and his uncle's secret identities were blown.

Since the thefts, Aaron has disappeared, leaving no trace of his new location for his nephew.

Phase 2


Spider Bite: The spider that bit Miles Morales was accidentally stolen by Prowler, and after it bit Miles, it gave a smaller dose of its super-spider mojo to Aaron. The bite gave him enhanced strength, agility, flexibility. It also made gave him more stamina and made his body slightly more capable of withstanding blows than a normal human.

Bag of Tricks: In exchange for jobs, Aaron often gets paid in technology, especially by The Tinkerer. As a result, he has accumulated advanced weaponry and equipment that he can use to fend off attackers.


Patent Pending

With Extreme Prejudice


PB: Laz Alonso

Socked by: Michael