The Scourge

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"The Scourge" - real name unknown
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Portrayed by To be revealed
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Cruelty is Bitter Bane

You can call me the Scourge. Overwrought, I know. But I feel there's a sense of the inevitable in it. A scourge; it punishes, it purges, and it follows.

Calling himself "The Scourge", this serial killer targets mutants.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: "The Scourge"

Affiliation: Independent

First appearance: August 8, 2015

Family: Unknown


The Scourge is a serial killer with a broad and sweeping goal to 'balance the scales' following M-Day by making individual mutants pay for the human casualties. His name and background are unknown, but he is obviously highly intelligent, cautious, capable of long term strategic planning and has access to resources in order to continue his crusade.


As of this point, he appears to be a human without powers.


Cruelty is Bitter Bane

The Plaguebearers


PB: link to website for the PB

Socked by: Dex