Time After Time

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Time After Time
Dates run: August 23-27, 2008
Run By: Jen
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I would shatter a billion stars to save you, and now I have that chance.

When a strange incident in training brings an individual from another dimension literally crashing into the Danger Room, his surprising connection to Angel sets a series of interesting events in motion.


Angelica Jones, Scott Summers, Jean Grey, Forge, Shiro Yoshida

Ben Russell


August 23-27, 2008

Plot Summary

One evening, as Angel and Scott are training in the Danger Room, a strange portal opens and drops out an individual clad in a strange sort of spacesuit. While Scott raises the alarm, the individual takes his helmet off and seems to recognize Angel before he passes out.

After being brought to the medlab and diagnosed with a mild case of shock and dehydration, the strange visitor identifies himself as Benjamin Russell, but doesn't seem to know where he is until Angel stops by to see him. It is then that he drops the bomb: not only is Ben Russell from another parallel universe, but in that universe, he and Angel have been married for five years.

Once the initial shock passes, Angel discovers from Ben that in his universe, the x-factor does not cause mutation, but instead a debilitating disease, one from which his wife suffers and in an attempt to save her, Ben used a controversial scientific procedure to breach the barriers between dimensions, hoping to find some world that had developed a cure. This process involved such intense energy requirements, however, that he had to blow up a star just to fuel the reaction and send him hurtling through parallel universes.

After some discussion about the specifics of the disease and its link to the x-factor, Jean recommends that Ben speak to Forge about the device he once created to suppress the x-factor, the Neutralizer. Initially, Forge and Ben argue about the differences in the laws of physics between dimensions, and Forge is reluctant to have anything to do with recreating what he sees as his greatest shame - but an impassioned plea from Ben and Angel changes his mind, and the two scientists begin their work.

During the work, another rift opens and threatens to yank Ben through to another random parallel universe, but somehow Angel's powers interact with the portal to close it. Ben deduces that the energy that Angel emits somehow mirrors the stellar energy used to create the portals, and could potentially serve as a booster to send him back to his original dimension.

When the Neutralizer is finished, Angel enlists Shiro's assistance to help "boost" Ben back home. Recreating the original scenario in the Danger Room, a rift opens and with Shiro and Angel's help, Ben is thrust back into the void between universes.

His fate is unknown until a day later when Angel is walking the grounds and a smaller rift opens, transmitting a holographic message through. Ben appears, with his wife, and reveals that the experiment was a success, and that though he found himself in serious trouble for his actions, the Neutralizer technology can be used to save millions of people on his world. The image fades, and Angel is left with numerous questions about her potential future, but an overwhelming sense of pride and accomplishment.

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This plot marks the second time Forge was asked to recreate the Neutralizer. The first was by Marius Laverne, immediately prior to Bleeding, which Forge refused.


Plotrunner: Jen

Various parts of the plot and references were homages to Doctor Who and Sliders.