Twisted Sister

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Twisted Sister
Dates run: February 15-17, 2008
Run By: Alicia
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Oh, look, it's the Children of the Corn.

After the Shadow King crisis, the Stepford Cuckoos choose a rather unwise way to cope with the stress.


Jane Doe, Tabitha Smith, Nathan Dayspring

Stepford Cuckoos


February 15-17, 2008

Plot Summary

Not long after the telepathic crisis, Tabitha found two of the Stepfords having a screaming argument in the library. One was taunting the other, goading her about their lack of a normal life and their status as "freaks". The second Stepford, Celeste, lost control of her emotions and hit her sister with a psi-blast - which did not affect her at all. The first Stepford sauntered out, leaving Celeste in tears. As Tabitha tried to comfort her and figure out what was happened, Nathan appeared, clearly having sensed the confrontation. When he tried to question Celeste, the girl screamed at him and ran out. Nathan then balked at telling Tabitha what he thought was going on.

The next day, Jane was standing innocently in a hallway at the mansion when a very provocatively-dressed Stepford literally ran into her. It was the start of a somewhat distressing conversation about sex, where the Stepford made Jane very uncomfortable before Nathan showed up to intervene. He called the girl 'Mindee', a name that didn't belong to any of the Stepfords, and she responded with a verbal attack, questioning whether he knew what he was talking about before flouncing off.

The next morning, Tabitha and Jane were separately approached, each by pairs of Stepfords who dragged them off to a classroom where Nathan was facing off against what appeared to be a fifth Stepford. It turned out that 'Mindee' was a telepathic projection, the girls' way of trying to deal with the stresses of the previous week's crisis. They had created her to hold all of their fears and anxieties and other negative emotions, but she had taken on a life of her own and started to become abusive. Nathan, Jane, and Tabitha tried to talk the girls around while they waited for Charles, who was on his way. After leaving him to his work with the Stepfords, Nathan confessed to Tabitha and Jane that he hadn't been sure what was going on, doubting his own perceptions because the psychotic break he'd suffered during the crisis. They reminded him that three heads were better than one, and then the three went their separate ways and got back to their day.

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After the events of the Shadow King, Nathan was suffering a crisis of confidence about his value as a telepath. Being the one to pick up on the problem with the Stepfords suggested to him that he might have been too hard on himself. (Maybe.)


Plotrunner: Alicia

The plot was thrown together randomly one night by three people who happened to be online at the same time. Time from the original idea to submission to the modlist was around thirty minutes.