Victoria Kane

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Victoria Kane
Portrayed by Caroline Dhavernas
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Garrison Kane
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: None

Sister to Garrison Kane, Victoria - or Vickks as she prefers to be called - enjoys ganging up on her big brother and making his life hell during her visits.


Name: Victoria Kane


Occupation: Medical student

First appearance: April 17, 2009

Family: Christian Kane (father), Emily Kane (mother - deceased), Garrison Kane (brother)


Phase 1

Garrison and Victoria's mother, Emily was a UN interpreter from Toronto, who worked at the main centre in New York City as a Far East specialist. Their father Christian Kane is basically a legend in the intelligence community. During a stint in New York at the UN in the early eighties, he met Emily and the two fell in love. Emily moved to London with Christian, and they had two children over the next five years. First Garrison, and four years later, his younger sister. Unfortunately, Christian’s womanizing eventually resulted in a divorce, and Emily returned to Toronto with both children. Since then, Christian’s contact with his children has been irregular at best. Victoria and Garrison grew up in West Toronto, in a fairly normal childhood.

Victoria was nineteen when Emily lost her battle with breast cancer, and in medical school. Thanks to her brother's position with the RCMP and with Alpha Flight, she was able to remain in school. She and Garrison have a typical sibling relationship, outwardly tormenting each other but inwardly intensely loyal. Vikks' friendships with some of Garrison's team mates, such as Marie D'Ancato and Lillian Crawley-Jeffries increased her opportunities to torment her big brother, with epic tales of drinking and picking up in bars to make him wince.

She has visited the mansion on two occasions, the first in April 2009 and the second in December 2009, on the way back from Australia. On both occasions she made Garrison's life hell, acquiring another partner in crime in the form of Adrienne Frost.

Phase 2


Victoria is not a mutant.


Phase 2


Garrison posted his 'rules' for dealing with his sister


PB: Caroline Dhavernas

Socked by: Dex