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This page is about the Phase 1 incarnation of the Worthington family. For other uses, see Worthington Family (disambiguation).

Worthington Family
Portrayed by TBD and Cheryl Ladd
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
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Introduction: April 2011

The Worthingtons are the parents of the X-Man Warren Worthington. Estranged from their son since he quit his job with Worthington Industries and later stopped hiding his mutation, it's yet to be seen whether they will cut Warren off completely.


Warren Worthington Jnr
Warren worthington ii.gif
Warren Jnr is the CEO of Worthington Industries, and one of the wealthiest men in the country.

PB: Michael Murphy

Kathryn Worthington
K. worthington.jpg
Something of a trophy wife, Kathryn briefly dabbled in modeling before she married Warren Jnr. Both Warrens are devoted to her in their own way.

PB: Cheryl Ladd

Other relatives: Bertram Worthington, Warren Jnr's younger brother. Childless and unmarried, he is a vice-president of Worthington Industries.


Warren Worthington Snr was something of a self-made man, and his son only built on his legacy of hard work and determination. Something of a dour and serious man, Warren Jnr still managed to charm - and win - the flighty Kathryn Warburton, also a daughter of a wealthy family in New York who was something of the belle of society in her day. She scandalized everyone by dabbling in fashion modeling, but soon settled down when Warren Jnr started pursuing her. They were married within a year of him declaring his interest, and Kathryn soon fell pregnant with Warren Worthington III - the only child they would ever have. Despite this, Warren was generally left to staff to raise, and starting attending boarding schools at a young age. This turned out to be in Warren's favor once his wings emerged, as he was able to do it away from his parents, and he organised his own transferral to Xavier's after meeting Charles.

Warren Jnr is something of a stubborn, conservative man who is constantly disappointed by his son, his disappointment ranging from his son's status as a mutant, bisexual, and the fact that he chose to become a lawyer rather than to follow his father into business. Kathryn is well-meaning though fairly weak, and while she loves her son, will more often choose to follow her husband's lead rather than to stand up to him.

After a scare with Warren Jnr's health, Kathryn begged her son to come home and help his father out at work. She believed her husband would not step back and retire while the leadership of the company would not pass into the hands of a Worthington, and due to the fact that he was fresh off his break-up with his partner of six years, Piotr Rasputin, Warren chose to come home. The year or so Warren spent working at Worthington Industries came to an abrupt end after yet another argument between the two Warrens, and the men have been estranged since. Warren doesn't know what his parents think about him no longer hiding his wings, but he generally presumes it's unfavourable. Warren Jnr has not yet, however, completely disowned his son.


Sunday night dinner at the Worthington mansion

Juanita Espinosa and Kathryn Worthington talk


Socked by Nat.

Kathryn's PB was specifically chosen due to being a former Charlie's Angel.