X-Men Mission: Day Zero, the Movie

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X-Men: Day Zero, the Movie!
Dates run: January 12-14, 2012
Run By: Nat
Read the logs: Day Zero, the Movie

If I may be so bold, how did you arrive at the decision to make a film about Day Zero?

The X-Men get wind of some potential violence at the premier of an independent film about Day Zero.


Angel, Meltdown, Cannonball, Wallflower, Sparky, Hamster, Rocky

FOH, Bruce, Archer Jackson


January 12-14

Plot Summary

Receiving word of a possible terrorist attack of the premiere of a film about the Day Zero incident, the X-Men dressed in their finest to provide secret security. Warren took the lead in the mission, knowing various individuals connected with the film and thus able to get close to them, with Jean-Phillipe acting as his 'date'.

The premiere had an FOH presence, as well as a pro-mutant protest. Things turned ugly when the two groups clashed, with Wallflower and Sparky having to do crowd control. During the distraction, the would-be terrorist was about to strike, only to be taken down by Meltdown and Cannonball.

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The Day Zero movie focused on the human angle, showing the stories of various individuals caught up in the disaster.


Plotrunner: Nat

This was Nat's first time running an X-Men mission, and also Warren's first leading a mission.