X-Men Mission: Lowenstein

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Content Warning: This page contains the death of a significant character/NPC.

X-Men: Lowenstein
Dates run: November 22-24, 2003
Run By: Jules
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The boy's dead. FoH shot him before we could get there on time.

The Friends of Humanity kidnap the son of a prominent mutant-sympathising senator. The rescue, however, does not go to plan.


Cyclops, Cannonball, Colossus, Dazzler, Rogue; Iceman

FOH, Mystique


November 22-24, 2003

Plot Summary

On 20 November 2003, the team was assembled after Charles received a call from Senator Lowenstein, an old friend. His son had been kidnapped by the Friends of Humanity and was being threatened with execution.

Early leads on the FoH location indicated it might be located in Black Creek Swamp in Jackson County, in southeast Mississippi. The team split into pairs for information gathering purposes. Cyclops/Cannonball, Colossus/Dazzler, Iceman/Rogue. Very little was gained on the location of the FoH base at first, but later in the day, Cannonball was able to get a disgruntled ex-girlfriend of an FoH member to give up a vague location; in an area surrounded by swampland.

Early in the morning on 23 November, the team left to procure a boat and a guide to navigate the swamp. It took some time and a large amount of money and charm from both Cannonball and Dazzler to find someone willing to take the large group in. Reconnaissance was performed, and an closer look planned for the evening.

A boat was acquired, and Iceman, Rogue and Cyclops headed in for further investigation. Rogue did ariel reconaissance, while Iceman and Cyclops proceeded via boat to as close as was considered safe, and then went on foot. The small team managed to get a good idea of the land and the compound (an old plantation), and the best way in. They retreated undetected and rejoined the others.

At 0500 hours, 24 November 2003, the team went in. A small outbuilding was the first objective, as it was lightly guarded and was thought to contain their weapons cache. Upon subduing the guards, they opened the door to find Bobby Drake on the floor.

The "Iceman" in their group winked at them, changed into Mystique, and fled. Cyclops pursued her and Colossus followed. Any attempt at a stealthy entrance was blown by Cyclops' blasts after Mystique, who evaded capture. Colossus stopped him from following her into the swamp. Upon returning to the outbuilding, Rogue and Cannonball stayed behind to take care of Bobby while Colossus, Dazzler, and Cyclops proceeded to the main house with all due haste, secrecy no longer an option.

They subdued the guards rapidly, and began their search of the mansion, floor by floor, room by room. In a room on the third floor, they found the body of Jeffrey Lowenstein, along with a few FoH members and a reporter/camera crew from a local TV station. They subdued the FoH members in short order, and Cyclops had to be restrained again by Colossus and Dazzler when he confronted the camera crew.

Retrieving Jeffrey's body, they left the reporter and cameraman there, film intact, and went to gather the rest of the team and Bobby, and departed the compound. Several days later the footage of Lowenstein's death was shown on national television, with the X-Men implicated in his death.

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The fallout from the botched mission resulted in the X-Men's public reputation taking a battering despite their previous actions.


Plotrunner: Jules

2003 plot, collected under memories due to the plot being run via multiple journals.