X-Men Mission: Mutant Mole People

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X-Men: Mutant Mole People
Dates run: July 9, 2005
Run By: Alicia
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These are our tunnels – get out!

When mutant teenagers are kidnapped in Chicago, the X-Men search for them in the old freight tunnels.


Nightcrawler, Storm, Cable, Polaris


July 9, 2005

Plot Summary

The FBI alerted the X-Men to the kidnapping of three mutant teenagers in Chicago. The Professor searched for them with Cerebro, locating them in the old freight tunnels beneath the city, being shielded by a telepath, and Storm formed a team to retrieve them.

After trekking for some distance through the tunnels, they arrived at the site where the teenagers were being held and were attacked. Cable found himself holding off the telepath, who was incredibly strong, forcing Cable to devote most of his attention to shielding himself and his teammates. Polaris successfully engaged one of the other kidnappers, a woman with bio-metal armor, while Storm found herself fending off a mucus-throwing mutant. Nightcrawler made use of one of the more esoteric aspects of his mutation, tricking a Darkforce-wielding mutant into coming close enough by ‘pulling’ on the shadows until he was in range for Nightcrawler’s favorite rapid- teleportation trick.

Polaris attempted to intervene to help Cable with the telepath, but was taken out of the fight by a telepathic suggestion that left her wracked with nausea. With Cable’s shields on the verge of collapsing, which would have left all the X-Men vulnerable, Nightcrawler stepped in, talking the telepath down. It turned out that he had regarded kidnapping the teenagers as something done for their own good, as they all had noticeable physical mutations that made it impossible for them to ‘pass’ in surface society, just like the telepath and his friends. Though he permitted the X-Men to leave with the children, the telepath refused to accompany them back to the surface. He and his friends remained below, although they promised not to kidnap any more children.

The X-Men made their way back above ground to where the Professor had arranged for the police and paramedics to meet them. The teenagers were returned to their families, and the X-Men returned home, mission accomplished.

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The unnamed telepath in this plot later reappeared as one of Masque’s people, repaying him for giving him a ‘normal’ appearance by using his abilities to Masque’s advantage.


Plotrunner: Alicia