X-Men Mission: Syria

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X-Men: Syria
Dates run: December 4, 2003
Run By: Bonnie
Read the logs: Syria

When it is discovered Logan is being held by Syrian agents and experimented upon, the team scramble to bring him home.


Storm, Angel, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Polaris; Wolverine


December 4, 2003

Plot Summary

After his prolonged absence, it was discovered through Pete's contacts that Logan had been captured and was being held for research purposes in Syria. A team was assembled and Logan was brought back, in somewhat battered shape. The mission resulted in Polaris being considered for full team membership.

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X-Men Mission: Syria

Trivia and Meta


This was Polaris' first mission as an auxiliary.


Plotrunner: Bonnie

This plot was devised to cover an extended absence by Wolverine's player.

Posts collected together under memories as the plot spanned several journals.