Zaladane Delgado

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Zaladane Delgado
Portrayed by Jennifer Connelly
Known Aliases: Zala Michelle Dane
Affiliations: Lorna Dane
Socked By: Azzy
Introduction: 40 Days (in the Desert)

Long-lost cousin to Lorna Dane, Zala's company is involved in somewhat shady areas, which cast a shadow in her motivations in asking (repeatedly) for Lorna to come work with her.


Affiliation: Volution, Inc.

First appearance: March 27, 2007

Family: Lorna Dane - cousin/adopted sister, Janice and Paul Dane - parents

Acquaintances: Luis Richter


Zaladane Delgado is the local (LA/Southern California) head of an international weapons cartel. Though they dabble in normal business--funding start ups, playing angel to tech companies--as well as other not so white areas--notably drug trafficking and money laundering--the primary function of the venture capitalist company is to cover the sale of black market weapons to sanctioned countries. To the outside world, Zala is merely the young, pretty widow of a shady businessman, the head of a company as a figurehead controlled by her board of directors. Though she's under surveillance by the local branch of the FBI, there is thus far no evidence to suggest that her wealth is anything other than legitimately earned. They know that she's got to be in something up to her well-groomed eyebrows but can't pin it on her. In the black market community, Zala is the one that you go to if you can't get your client what they need. Her clients are other dealers, not usually the customers directly. She does make exceptions (Stryker, for example, intrigued her when she heard that he was in the market.) but very rarely. Few know her as anything more than the Delgado widow, still grieving after all these years. Zala is not terribly sentimental. Her greatest pleasure is doing 'just business' and doing it well.

Zala Dane left home at not quite 16. For three years she lived off any man she could, any way she could. Young and pretty, she never lacked for someone to support her. She treated her parents like an ATM, begging for money whenever she ran out, ignoring them the rest of the time. She did some modeling, more for the attention than anything, and made sure that she always had a date for any industry party. During this time she was arrested a couple of times for possession but never charged and still has a clean criminal record without even a parking ticket.

At 19, Zala met Josiah Delgado. He convinced her to get her G.E.D. and brought her into his business. Within a year, she'd progressed from 'the boss's girlfriend' to the clear heir apparent. When a car accident involving live power lines killed Josiah and jump-started her own thus far latent mutation, Zala returned to the business and proceeded to clean house. She forged documentation that proved that she'd married the 64-year-old Josiah before his death and took hold of his fortune that way. Within six weeks, she'd replaced all the top people with those hand-picked for their loyalty. Within six months she'd built new ties with the Chinese and Colombian businessmen. By 23, she was firmly in control and feared if, not respected. She became known for her ruthlessness and utter intolerance for failure.

Luis Richter is a long time business acquaintance. They have a contentious but professional relationship. They'd cheerfully cut each other's throat to get ahead.


Zala is an electrokinetic able to generate and manipulate electric fields. She is immune to high voltage. Her mutation is a closely guarded secret. Only her top two lieutenants know. Zala is capable of controlling Lorna's mutation with her own, albeit in a clumsy way. Lorna can theoretically do the same back but though Lorna is the stronger mutant, if Zala fights her she will fail.


40 Days (in the Desert)


PB: Jennifer Connelly

Socker: Azzy