Alejandro Montoya

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Alejandro Montoya
Portrayed by George Hamilton
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Azzy
Introduction: Zemo

Alejandro Montoya is a former Major in the Spanish Legion, who served as a highly capable special operative during the Cold War. A proud Castilian Spaniard, Alejandro represented the nobility and heroism of ancient Spain, during the final years of the Franco regime. He has been retired on his historic family estates, returned to him by the Spanish government as a reward for his services.


Name: Alejandro Hermenegildo Ramon Montoya

Aliases: El Aguila

Occupation: Former Major in the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales "Maderal Oleaga" XIX

First appearance: May 2008



Alejandro Montoya was the son of a former General who sided against Franco during the Spanish Civil War and was killed. The family, an ancient and noble bloodline, was stripped of its wealth, and Montoya's older brother joined the rebels, only to be killed later. The young Alejandro was left with only his mother, growing up in a poor country town in a home owned ironically by a former family retainer, Carlos.

However, Don Carlos had been good friends with the General, and had promised to look over his children as his own. He taught Alejandro to ignore wealth and instead cultivate honour, duty, justice and beauty. He also taught the young man numerous styles of fencing and swordplay, to instill discipline and self-confidence. He made his first notable appearance in the 1952 Olympics, winning the first gold for Spain in two decades. When the next Olympics were boycotted by Spain, Alejandro instead enlisted in the Spanish Legion, his father's old branch of the military, and ironically, that of Franco, who had ordered his death.

Alejandro's skills were quickly demonstrated, and soon he was the first of a new division of the Spanish Legion, the Grupo de Operaciones Especiales, or Special Forces. His intelligence and charm made him a natural choice for missions with other nations, and he spent the next two decades as an operative all over the world. His resistance and success against Basque terrorists and Communist agents made him a national hero, and his support of the restoration of the monarchy was a powerful influence in undermining Franco and convincing him to do so before his death.

Montoya spent the 80s reorganizing the Legion and building a new training regime from the bottom up. On his retirement, a grateful Juan Carlos the First restored the Montoya name to the rolls of the nobility and returned much of the property seized back to the family. Alejandro has retired to his family's ancient villa, where he collects rare first edition books, brandies, and the occasional conquest.


Montoya is one of the top swordsmen in the world, proficient in numerous forms and types of blades. His personal weapon is an eighth century Moorish rapier, forged of Damascus steel. He is an expert with any edged weapon, and is rarely without a blade of some type close at hand. Alejandro remains in excellent shape for a man of his age, and has decades of training and experience in intelligence and military operations to draw from.




PB: George Hamilton

Socked by: Azzy