Alexei Shostakov

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Alexei Shostakov - deceased
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: None
Socked By: Doqz
Introduction: Zemo

Alexei Shostakov is a former Soviet military officer, who served as a highly capable special operative during the Cold War. He was also the only member of Russia's top secret supersoldier program to serve the procedures. Alexei died during the final attack on Baron Zemo's Doom Fortress.


Name: Alexei Ivanovich Shostakov

Aliases: None

Occupation: Former Colonel in the Soviet Army

First appearance: May 2008

Family: Alexei Shostakov [son] - deceased, Natasha Romanova [daughter in law]


Alexei Shostakov is a former Soviet military officer and the only survivor of Red Guard, their failed super soldierexperiment. The program was designed to create an operative of enhanced strength and endurance to serve as a front line combat unit for the Soviets, and only the best of the Russian military were selected. However, the process proved to be faulty, and Alexei was the only survivor. However, for his skills and bravery, the Soviet's decided to use Alexei as an operative, a rare shared resourced between the military and the KGB, and during the 1960s and 1970s, Alexei moved around the world furthering Soviet interests.

Shostakov was one of Vazhin's first patrons, urging the then KGB to take notice of the young officer. He also lost his wife to cancer during this period, and it was his son who he devoted his attentions to. His son became a noted test pilot for the Air Force, and married Natasha Romanova, a former dancer turned KGB prospect. Unfortunately, Alexei was killed in a test flight not long after his marriage to Natasha, and Alexei assumed a parental eye over her.

Retired by the military in the mid-90s, Shostakov found himself considered nothing more than a relic of the Soviet past, unwanted by either the military or government for service. To supplement his meager pension, Alexei made a living training boxers for mob sponsored fights, and listening for the odd rumour from other old soldiers. It was there he heard about the break in to the secure Soviet facility that confirmed Baron Zemo was active, and spurred him to re-join Christian Kane in the effort to stop him. During the final assault on Zemo's Doom Fortress, Shostakov suffering a massive heart attack, and died before he could be helped.

He was a tacturn, gruff, unfriendly old man, who hadn't ever let go of his old pledge to the state, and spent nights drunk on vodka muttering about the demise of the Soviet Union. He talked little, and drank too much.


Shostakov was an expert markman and deadly in unarmed combat. While the Red Guard program was a failure, Shostakov naturally possessed exceptional strength and endurance for an ordinary man.




PB: None

Socked by: Doqz