Aloysius Reed

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Aloysius Reed
Portrayed by Adam Baldwin
Known Aliases: "Wish"
Affiliations: Friends of Humanity
Socked By: Rei
Introduction: What Am I Doing Here?

You shouldn't had done that'll pay for that.

The leader of a small branch of the Friends of Humanity, Aloysius Reed took a special interest in attacking Sam Guthrie and his family.


Name: Aloysius Reed

Aliases: "Wish"

Affiliation: Friends of Humanity

First appearance: September 30, 2012

Family: Unknown


Head of the Cumberland County chapter of the Friends of Humanity, Wish is known to be capriciously violent. He has a long criminal record for hate crimes, consisting of many assaults, damage caused to property (damaging businesses and homes of mutants and mutant supporters), mischief, resisting arrest, and causing a disturbance.

Wish is several steps removed from Father Matthew Risman and the Purifiers, though SHIELD didn’t always know that yet and were interested in him. During the events of What Am I Doing Here?, Agent Barbara Morse infiltrated the Cumberland County chapter ran by Reed and uncovered further information on him and his group before Sam and company came along and inadvertently interfered. Wish, who held a grudge against Guthrie following an altercation between the two, attempted to take out the eldest Guthrie and also attacked his family homestead, then disappeared following the failed attempt of the latter.




What Am I Doing Here?


Socked by: Rei

PB: Adam Baldwin