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Caroline Alito - deceased
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: The Two-Strike Killer
Affiliations: Survivors Against Fear/Life After Loss
Socked By: Tapestry
Introduction: Aftershocks

"I didn't say it was right. It's just the choice I made."

Caroline Alito was a serial killer who murdered 22 passing mutants in New York City over a period of 8 months.


Name: Caroline Alito

Aliases: The Two-Strike Killer

Affiliations: Survivors Against Fear/Life After Loss

First appearance: May 28, 2011 (first mention in the media), June 4, 2011 (first physical appearance)

Family: Edward Alito (father, deceased), Judith Alito (mother, estranged)

Status: Deceased


Caroline Alito was a 22 year old survivor of the 2006 San Diego Earthquake and former heroin addict. As a result of Magneto's terrorist attack, she was trapped under the rubble of a hotel for several days before rescue, during which she watched her father die beside her. She developed post-traumatic stress disorder from the experience, and for many years attempted to self-medicate with heroin. Though her mother eventually ceased contact with her, she did contact an advocate with the victims services group SAF to help her with her final possession charge and petition for court-ordered rehab. Though she successfully completed treatment and remained committed to her sobriety, she found a new obsession to fill the void.

Still traumatized by the memory of the earthquake that killed her father, at some point Alito came to the conclusion that her only chance to save others from a similar tragedy was to kill as many mutants as she could before they could either become threats or create new ones in the form of offspring. After being moved to a public housing apartment, Alito began using practice dummies to train herself how to kill quickly and efficiently with dual strikes to the femoral and carotid arteries. Being a mutant herself, she used her ability to locate other mutants as a means of identifying potential victims. Knowing she had very little protection against offensive mutations, she anticipated her actions would eventually lead to her death. However, because of the disparity between victims and the location of the murders the pattern was not formally identified until shortly before news of her actions was broken by, when the suspicions of a detective finally bore fruit when the entirety of the deceaseds' bloodtests returned x-factor positive.

When finally apprehended Alito put up no resistance. When the members of X-Factor did not kill her as she had anticipated, Alito voluntarily went with the police and made a full confession -- but, strangely, without levying accusations against those who had caught her. While awaiting assessment to see if she warranted the more advanced facilities of SHIELD, Alito committed suicide in custody. She had not yet been formally arraigned.

Known Victims

Olivia Scott, Celeste and Margaret Hoey, DeShawn James, Mohit Choudhury, Melissa Huynh, Robert Goldfarb, Michael Finney, Angela Moreno, Thomas Wharton


  • Though Alito benefited from a charity that was known to receive contributions from anti-mutant groups and in fact had been living a public housing complex partly owned by members of The Purifiers, it is unknown whether these groups exerted any influence over her decision to turn against mutants.
  • The genetic status of both Alito and her victims was kept from the press, and the nature of her suicide in custody left ample room for speculation.


Alito's sole power was the ability to identify individuals with the x-factor by scent. Her kills were perpetrated with practice, caution, and luck, aided by her harmless appearance and use of ruse to get her targets to lower their guard. Her weapon of choice was a linoleum knife.




Socked by: Tapestry

PB: None